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    Stolen bike registry

    Stolen License Plate. Stolen from Queen and Jarvis or King and Dufferin. It's been reported to the police. Lookout for plate number 3A1C4 Whoever it was literally tore the plate off and left a corner of it bolted to my bike
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    WTB or Borrow - Cheap bike for girl for test | Scooter | beginner

    Hey, My girl needs something to practice on and do her test on... a little scooter or little ninja or something that. Anyone got something?
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    Dirt Riding at Trail Tours DISCOUNT

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    Where can I learn to ride in dirt?

    Hey all, I live in downtown and have only ever ridden on the street. I would like to get some training on dirt. Please recommend places which teach dirt bike riding and supply the bikes near-ish to Toronto Thanks in Advance. -Chris
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    Liberty Village Motorcycle parking

    Hi all, Would anyone here be interested in sharing a parking space between 2 - 4 bikes. Parking space rental prices seem to be between 120-180 a month.
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    That really long and hard one

    Hey Dudes and Dudettes! Last summer there was a huge, long and if I recall correctly, somewhat technical 900km long ride. I'd love to take part in something like that, I want to get out of the city for a full day and be saddle sore and exhausted when I'm back! I just have no idea where...
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    Out of gas on Dvp and bloor northbound Need help

    I'm just south of DVP and bloor VINO 125 Blue shirt No gas, I guess my gauge broke 905-699-8686 Sent from my my mobile using a strange app for damaged people
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    You're Getting Towed - GSXR600

    Church St. North of Charles St. is now a Rush hour lane Northbound. There are cars and bikes there getting ticketed and towed, Go save your bike.
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    Ninja 500r $1800.00 NEW PRICE My Insurance through TDMM: $790.00 per year or $66.00 per month Tthe same as a Ninja 250, but it has twice the power ------------------- Condition...
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    Hit and run by cab

    So I'm sitting at the side of the road after a cab hit me (very low speed, basically a tip over.) and ran off while I was trying to pick up the bike. What should I do? No collision just comprehensive, report it? I have no pics or evidence Sent from my my mobile using a strange app for...
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    Odd dirt in new oil

    Hey all. So I was performing an oil change and noticed, after the fresh oil was in, what seemed to be a suspension of dirt in the oil. Maybe remnants of the old oil? Precious oil was ammsoil, 10-40 synthetic. New oil is Lucas 10-40 Dino oil. The picture are in sequential order. The dirt seems...
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    Police Car Cameras

    Are they always recording? At any point is the camera shut off during the officer's shift like when they go for lunch/coffee? can they turn it off or delete the contents?
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    How many KM before you're in the club.

    How many KM per week/month/year is the minimum before you're part of the "Real Rider" club? I see sport bikes that are a few years old and under 5000 km. I wonder who these people are that drop $15,000 and let it sit like a depreciating art piece. So what does the community think? I'm at...
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    Leaving the keys in.

    Hey all, I'm in my third season and I ride downtown most of the time. In my time so far, I've come across about 5 bikes, while street parking, which I noticed had the keys left in them. The keys I've found have mostly been in the ignition or the seat lock. A couple of them I left a note and...
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    ATGATT Rider makes intelligent Decision.... or the opposite. <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> not sure how to imbed

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