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  • I wish you would've put the same effort into resolving this with me as you did into replying to the thread that I posted, which conveniently got closed. So I'll let you know here that I'm not willing to accept the glove exchange from you and that I still maintain the same position; buyer beware - stay away from Pannon Sports and Nexo!!
    Hi Rob. I got a set of the Nexo Cobra Kangaroo gloves from you when yu had them on sale for $129.
    I have used them on 3 day long rides, as short rides I use my mesh gloves. I brought them with me to Indy, and noticed that the velcro on the gauntlet is shredding apart. Is there any way to see if Nexo can do anything to repair them?
    hey, i want to know, where is your store, i like few products (jackets, helmet) but like to try on before buying, is it possible or are u online store only

    let me know
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