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    Ride Report: 2020 BC

    Just found this, Shane. I'm glad the trip happened!
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    Fuel Pump filters

    From my former vstrom days, the fuel filters are a 2 stage unit, one for low throttle opening and one for higher throttle openings. I had this issue in Wyoming. There's a hack you can find on the Stromtrooper website that involves drilling a hole to bypass and installing an external fuel filter...
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    experienced riders: u recommend putting radiator mesh guard & headlight plastic film or waste of $?

    ...Peggy to the white courtesy phone for customer service...
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    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder...

    If you've never ridden this bike before, just put all preconceptions on the backburner. This IS a motorcycle. Leans like one, wheelies and stoppies like one, countersteers like one, rides like one, will bite you in the ass if you don't know what you're doing like one. I've ridden trikes and Can...
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    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder...

    Update: The motor exploded. On a ride with @shanekingsley on a high speed pass, the engine exploded in a cloud of oil. When I got it home, it was pretty clear that a rod broke and decided to go for a vacation, leaving a cool hole in my motor. Problem? Nah. I found a salvage FJ-09 motor and...
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    Performance improvements to bike

    Turbo? I have a couple lying around...what could go wrong?
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    '82 Seca 650... keep or sell?

    If we're still talking about that 650, I'll chime in a bit. I used to be super active with the old XJ email list when I bought a seca 750 to learn how to wrench. The turbos may have a cult following, but the cult is small. Anyone who knows the turbos knows that they weren't good, and didn't...
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    Anyone tried a cooling vest?

    They work, but they work way better in a dry environment than a humid one. Makes sense, when it's humid the air doesn't absorb as much moisture. When riding in humidity (which is 100% of the hot weather we get here) it helps, but is kind of swampy. BTW, if you are wearing one and it goes dry...
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    Anyone try tire markers?

    I am ... this ... close to using this as a new sig line.
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    strap down the bike those fork seals, then... They aren't meant to hold that much sustained pressure. I've seen folks crank those ratchets so tight only to find it's caused a leak.
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    strap down the bike

    In tying a bike down, especially for travelling long distances, you have to find that magic point where the bike is strapped down enough that it doesn't move around too much, but enough that the bike suspension can still do it's job, but not so much that you blow out fork seals but enough that...
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    strap down the bike

    I like to use heavy duty carabiners on both ends of the tie down instead of the open hook. I’ve seen hooks come off, and then the strap goes everywhere. With the carabiners, the ends are closed, so even if one goes slack for a moment (hitting a big bump for example) it won’t come off.
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    Summer Solstice Route - Muskoka, Algonquin, Calabogie

    I'm in. Could meet in Orillia, or Minden if you run that route in reverse.
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    Need replacement armour for wife's jacket - do local stores carry this stuff?

    Shane, I think I have some spare D30 shoulder and elbow pads lying around. I'll double-check, but if I'm right, you can have them if you come pick them up. I'll PM you a bit later with details.
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    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder...

    Blue and black body with gold forks...

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