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    I am quite aware of the different shipping methods/options available these days. Also, I am not afraid to hunt a product down if I really want it. As per GP and Parts Canada, this specific jacket is discontinues my Astars. GP's website is inaccurate. I have called them about this and the...
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    No stock Distributior only. I feel like I need a large and they can't get it. Called and asked.
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    Anyone local that has the ALPINESTARS YAGUARA DRYSTAR JACKET? Whats your opinion on it? Does it fit on the slimmer side or on the bigger side? I am interested in it but no local shops have it for me to see or buy.
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    Dreaming of a BMW

    This made me laugh
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    Motorcycle Memes....

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    Motorcycle Memes....

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    New glove recommendations?

    I have seen Held gear at 2 Wheel Motorsports in Guelph. I know they have jackets/pants but I did not specifically look out for gloves. This was this riding season when I was at that location.
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    Anyone do a family vehicle transfer before

    I think that will be the hardest part out of the entire process. Not all have a Notary and the ones that do have limited hours.
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    MEC as we know it will be no more....

    I didn't ship there much. But I know it was a great store. Too bad. Sadly there wi be many more like this.
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    Yamaha PW50 Issues

    So back at it, Compression is good. I was advised to check the exhaust as it might be plugged. I look into it and it looks good. However I tried the entire exhaust with silencer from the neighbours bike. During this I found that mine is missing a copper seal/gasket at the connection of the...
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    Motorcycle Memes....

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    BPs new ride

    Congrats 🎉 I guess the FZ6 is going on the market ?
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    Yamaha PW50 Issues

    As open as she will get.
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    Yamaha PW50 Issues

    Checked the compression Getting between 110 and 120 psi. From my research that should be a good amount.
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    Yamaha PW50 Issues

    I wouldn't say it's smoking anymore than it should/normal. Just took a look. Not impressed.

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