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    Holy Balls... Cue the incoming Harley jokes. But that's freakin insane. Wonder if Ontario will scream "photo radar" on this one? Probably not.
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    I really want to be a meteorologist in Canada...

    Surprise! Canadian winter will be cold
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    Ultimate Battlefield 3 Simulator

    Know it's not motorcycle related...but holy fook batman!
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    Show N Shine - Kipling and Lakeshore

    Weather supposed to be "meh" tomorrow. An option for you who are looking for something to do: Lakeshore and Kipling Area 10AM to 4PM Will head down and check it out myself. Feel like heading down? Let me know, we can probably cruise down together.
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    Flooding in PA

    Know a lot of you head down case you hadn't heard:
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    Update on Crosby's Con(cussion)-dition Staff Sidney Crosby is experiencing "significant improvements" in his recovery from concussion and is expected to return to hockey at some point, but there is so far no timeline on that goal, his doctor said Wednesday. Dr. Michael Collins, who has been treating the Pittsburg Penguins...
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    New Torchwood

    In a completely off topic for a motorcycle forum.... Anyone a fan? How are you feeling about the new season? Apologies...sparked from a conversation I had with my bartender friend this evening.
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    Wildside Choppers

    Need to get your Harley fixed? Don't want to pay ridiculous dealer shop rates? Trust Robbie and the boys to get it done. Had my 8,000 kms recommended service there today and it could not have gone smoother. Seriously though...had an amazing experience with these guys today. They know their...
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    Parts Guys at Ready Honda Powerhouse Dealer

    Went in there yesterday to get some parts for the bike. Wasn't sure which spark plugs I needed for the Shadow and as I was driving right by there anyway thought I would drop in. Not only did the guy let me know I needed four of them (Didn't know that!) he also told me about the tool in the...
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    OT: Jedi A-Holes Strike Back This made me laugh my *** off.
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    Amazing Weekend!

    Zippie and I are back at the apartment, have managed to take a shower and now the tiredness of the weekend is setting in. Great weekend, great new friends and already looking forward to next year. Ride safe on the way home everyone! See you out there soon.
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    Caribana is getting a new name

    Caribana getting a new name 2011/05/17 | Shawne McKeown, 1 Participants in the Caribana Parade, July 31, 2010. CITYNEWS.CA/SHAWNE MCKEOWN. Poll Related Stories The 2010 Caribana Parade In Pictures Caribana is getting a new name for its 44th birthday. Toronto’s...

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