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    FZ 07, FZ 09, or FZ 10?

    I got rid of my Daytona last season and i've narrowed down my options to a standard/naked bike. Specifically, the ones listed on the title. What do you guys recommend? This will be street only (I might take it to the track like once or twice). Reading on multiple forums, many folk seem to...
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    4 bikes in a 6x12 enclosed Uhaul trailer

    As the title states. Anybody have experience fitting 4 bikes in a 6x12 enclosed? If so, how did ya do it? It looks like the 6x12 is the biggest trailer Uhaul rents.
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    Race fairings for 07 Daytona

    Anyone have any hook ups for Daytona Race fairings? New or Used (not completely beat up), doesn't really matter. I'm thinking of doing double duty on the bike but don't really feel justified spending a grand on Armour Bodies.
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    Spidi Custom Suits

    With all this suit shopping around, I just happened to see this on my Facebook. Have you guys seen this feature? Looks awesome!
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    Perf or Non Perf?

    So i'm in the process of purchasing a 1 Pc suit for my upcoming course this June and I can't decide which route to go with! Obviously, the suit will be used for the course and subsequently will be used for future track days. However, i'll be using it on the street as well for day rides and...
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    Honda RC213V (S) Modeled after their MotoGP bike. Look at the dual exhaust just like their motogp bike! Looks better than the new R1 imo.
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    Downed rider on the 507

    Was riding along the 507 today and happened to pass by a downed rider by a ditch. From what I was told, it was a new rider and just went in too hot. Rider was taken on a stretcher and was conscious. GWS bud.
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    Expected turnaround time for Paint during peak summer period

    To the bodyshop folks, What is the expected turnaround time for paint & repair on motorcycle fairings and tank? Granted it's peak season and people tend to be alot busier, so generally speaking, how long can a customer expect for work to be finished? The reason I ask is because I had taken in...
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    GT Academy now in Canada

    I'm not sure if any of you on here play Gran Turismo, but there's been some huge news regarding GT Academy recently. Canada was always excluded in the official contests but not this year!!
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    Any bike shops worth checking out in New York State/City?

    As per thread title...i'll be driving down tomorrow till Monday. Wondering if you folks know of any shops that are worth visiting. Who knows, I might score a Black Friday deal on parts/apparel.
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    Honda CBR 1000 RR SP

    What do you guys think? Brembo Fronts, Ohlins suspension, but no TCS. The bike looks great and i've always been partial to the HRC colour scheme. But frankly, with a 17k price tag...uh no thank you...
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    FS: Spidi Thorax chest protector As posted, Spidi Thorax chest protector for sale New - $100
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    Advice on Tires

    hey party people, Need your advice on what to do. Basically the scenario is: I recently picked up a used Daytona and soon realized that my front tires are a race compound, specifically, the Pilot Power Race. My rears are the Pilot Power 2CT's which seem to have a decent amount of tread left...
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    FS: 2 Teknic Motorcycle jackets

    As per my Kijiji ad: Hi There, For sale are two Teknic Motorcycle jackets. Both are pretty much brand new and not even a season on them. I'm selling because I...
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    Bell Vortex RSD Apocalypse (Roland Sands Design) MEDIUM

    Hey guys, For sale is my barely used Bell Vortex RSD Apocalypse medium size. I used it twice(saturday and sunday) during my Motorcycle safety course this past September 2013. I ended up not liking the fit and the helmet doesn't really match the colour of my bike. Need the money for another...

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