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    Evo's New Ride

    That thing is a beauty! Congratulations...
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    Photo radar urged for County Road 507 in wake of latest fatality

    Anyone know where on the 507 this occurred? I was on that section 3 weeks ago, and I am not sure if I remember a chicane so tight. Then again, if the speed was indeed 180 km/h, then perhaps it wasn't a tight corner. I am not sure how one can lean into a tight corner at 180 on a public road. Or...
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    2020 Day Trips!

    Good weather for the most part this afternoon. Snake road, sulpher & mineral springs road in hamilton + turkey point thrown in. Even though I got drenched in Simcoe, it was worth it!
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    2020 Day Trips!

    I am planning of taking the latter half of the day off and riding out to the west. Around 4-5 hours. Any suggestions? - most drives on this part of the province have been on arrow straight roads, so I don't have high hopes.
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    Who's still riding? (Fall & Winter 2020 Edition)

    Another round, at-least. This Friday is predicted sublime at a sweet 21°C!
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    Anyone free on Thu (22nd) post 5pm to check out a bike around Oakville?

    Even lower. An SV650X ABS for 6777+tax
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    2020 Day Trips!

    Splendid ride today. Good roads, and great company! @shanekingsley
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    2020 Day Trips!

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    2020 Day Trips!

    Ok, I looked through your thread and thinking of doing the following, since it was a section I missed last time: which is similar to what you have in mind.. I am game, can join; let me know your itinerary.
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    2020 Day Trips!

    When are you planning on leaving?
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    2020 Day Trips!

    The weatherman states that the sun will be shining tomorrow, though it will be cold.. I think another ride can be accommodated. Recommendations?
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    Headed North - The Lemonade Tour

    Digging up an old thread... Wow! You should consider shifting from teaching to writing as a profession :) Being reading it since yesterday.. Brilliant trip, enormously inspiring, because behind all that wit and humour is a resilient journey. Thank you for this.. and the hurricane tunnel on the...
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    Ear plug recommendations?

    Sorry, I missed adding the link. Edited the post
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    Ear plug recommendations?

    I started using these - 3M Safety 92059 Non-corded Disposable Earplugs, 80 Pairs (NRR 32 dB): Tools & Home Improvement They do the job ok, and I replace them the next day.
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    Assistance needed with motorcycle purchase & timing

    TBH, from the reviews I have read - both do a decent job. As long as I don't have to get off the bike each and everytime to put it on the centre stand, and I can push the foot lever and pull back to get it on, I am happy.

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