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    What's the used market like right now?

    I'm considering selling my Goldwing and getting something more my speed, like a Vstrom. I've noticed that prices on Kijiji seem to be fairly strong but also that ads are staying up for a longer time than I'm used to seeing. With the economic uncertainty right now I'd really like to avoid...
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    Ear plug recommendations?

    I just tried this with a thin balaclava I use in the colder months. Seemed to work OK. Had the helmet on and off half a dozen times and only knocked the molded plugs loose a couple of times. Maybe with some practice and a cap suitable for warm weather....
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    Ear plug recommendations?

    Tried these (I think it was this brand) about 3-4 years back. Didn't cut out enough noise for my liking. I think I'll order a few small packs of different foamies. Maybe I can find one that is a bit softer than the 3Ms. Thanks all for the comments.
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    Ear plug recommendations?

    Hey all, trust the riding season is treating you well. I've been using the standard yellow 3M EarSoft foam ear plugs for years. They work amazingly well, but I always get sore ears after about 5-6 hours. Yes, I do stop every hour or so for a couple of minutes just to stretch and hydrate and I...
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    Western Canada flying tour

    Things are coming together nicely. I bought a very good condition '97 Goldwing a couple of weeks ago. After spending some time going over it in the shop, I think it will do very nicely indeed. When I told my boss what that I was planning a big 2 week trip out west he said 'that doesn't seem...
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    LIGHTNING LS-218 - thoughts?

    WARNING, THIS POST IS COMPLETELY OFF-TOPIC Also, I'm not ranting at any GTAM members here. I do appreciate that Lightcycle went and found a reference, even if I strongly disagree with the content of said reference. I just love how our governments measure CO2 emissions from the energy sector by...
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    LIGHTNING LS-218 - thoughts?

    I would love to see the source of that particular nugget.
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    I wouldn't consider haggling over the price of a steak dinner, but asking a couple of questions to save potentially big $$$ on car repairs, heck yes! Haggling is fine, just don't be a dick about it.
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    LIGHTNING LS-218 - thoughts?

    I had a chance to hop on a Zero DS a couple of years back. It was awesome. The torque and the silence were amazing. I love cruising around the countryside on my KLR. On the Zero I could even hear the birds singing. The only downside is range. If someone can come up with a battery/energy...
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    Help Me Choose a 3 Week Route

    My 2 cents on NFLD: beautiful place, great people, not great for riding. I went back in 2016, mostly to spend a few days in Gros Morne. While the hiking and scenery in and around Gros Morne were worth the trip, most of the riding was very dull. The roads are mostly set back from the coast...
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    Stupidly overpriced motorcycle for sale thread

    Seller obviously isn't the smartest shopper in the world. Those cases and rack are $816 USD direct from Caribou with $135 shipping to Ajax. Wonder what he paid for the other stuff... With some careful shopping I could probably buy a 2020 bike and put together all of those same kind of...
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    How do you deal with stupid drivers?

    So a guy flashing his lights and honking his horn deserves to be beaten and have his windshield smashed? Check your head man. If you think that your buddies' behaviour was acceptable, do us all a favour and turn in your license. Just ride your ride. If the idiot is tailgating try moving to...
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    New computer first world problems

    As has been suggested, check your performance graphs to see where the bottleneck is during gameplay. It shouldn't be the graphics card. A 1080 should be more than sufficient for 1080p gaming for at least another couple of years. FWIW, 70fps is extremely playable and it might not be worth...
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    Tail of the Dragon

    I went down in 2015 (profile pic offered as proof). Had a much better time riding the back roads of WV and Penn. than I did on the TOTD. Too many people going waaaay to fast on sportbikes or waaaay to slow on cruisers to be much fun. And that was just after lunch on a Thursday in early...

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