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    How do you deal with stupid drivers?

    So a guy flashing his lights and honking his horn deserves to be beaten and have his windshield smashed? Check your head man. If you think that your buddies' behaviour was acceptable, do us all a favour and turn in your license. Just ride your ride. If the idiot is tailgating try moving to...
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    New computer first world problems

    As has been suggested, check your performance graphs to see where the bottleneck is during gameplay. It shouldn't be the graphics card. A 1080 should be more than sufficient for 1080p gaming for at least another couple of years. FWIW, 70fps is extremely playable and it might not be worth...
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    Tail of the Dragon

    I went down in 2015 (profile pic offered as proof). Had a much better time riding the back roads of WV and Penn. than I did on the TOTD. Too many people going waaaay to fast on sportbikes or waaaay to slow on cruisers to be much fun. And that was just after lunch on a Thursday in early...
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    Motorcycle Supershow Reviews?

    Went Friday afternoon. Ordered some Rev'it gear from GP. 15% off, so not an amazing deal but saving 15% on $1300 is nothing to sneeze at. The used bike marketplace was pathetic this year. Maybe 30 bikes total (not counting the ones at GP)? I continue to be bewildered by why people #cough#...
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    Western Canada flying tour

    Thanks everyone for the replies and route ideas. FWIW, I'm fully aware that this won't be an in depth exploration of any particular region. My goal with this trip is to ride through as much of Canada as I can. This will of course mean that I'll be passing quickly through some areas that would...
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    Western Canada flying tour

    I think I'm just young and stupid enough to relish the challenge of riding all the way. If I was to buy out west and ride back, I'd be terrified of buying a lemon and ruining the trip. This way I get some time to get the bike sorted before heading out. I have considered a fly-and-rent trip in...
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    Western Canada flying tour

    Should be doable. Long days, but that's why the Goldwing and not my KLR :). Just letting Google pick the fastest route, it looks like about 5,500km or so out to central BC. A bit less on the way back. Figure 12-13,000km total with some meandering. At this point I'm thinking 2 weeks, maybe...
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    Western Canada flying tour

    Ghost: Yup, plan is to buy the bike as soon as the worst of the winter is over and spend a couple of months getting everything set before heading out in June. J_F: Thanks. I'm thinking of iron-butting it through the flat-lands and leaving myself with 2-4 days of unplanned riding in the...
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    suggestions for a small blue plate dual sport

    No major common problems with the KLX that I'm aware of. Very rare cam chain tensioner issues (VERRRRY rare), and some people load up the bike with crap-tonnes of luggage, hit the trails and wind up with a bent/broken sub-frame. There's no real problem with the sub-frame, as long as the bike...
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    Western Canada flying tour

    Hey all, So this summer I'm going to be doing something I've wanted to do for years. I'm going to buy a used Goldwing (probably a '98-00 GL1500) off of Kijiji and spend 2-3 weeks riding out to BC and back. The plan at this point is to go mid-June. My route is pretty wide open at this point...
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    Waterproof Gear

    I think it might have been a Legacy GTX. I got it 7-8 years ago and it lasted about 3-4 years before it started leaking. In the end, it wasn't really any better than the $250 Tourmaster Transition I had before it. It's usually either the zippers or the creases around the elbows and shoulders...
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    Waterproof Gear

    I went the all-in-one route for a few years with various Gore-tex clones, but they all seem to lose their water resistance after a few years of baking in the sun. After my $500 Revit jacket left me soaking wet one too many times, I switched over to the liner/outer system. I've had good success...
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    Bike options for 5f 90lb rider

    This time of year, you've got plenty of time to shop around. Visit some dealers and sit on as many bikes as you can. Visit the motorcycle supershow in January to get most of them in one place. I would recommend taking a rider training course (M1 exit course). I grew up riding dirt bikes and...
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    Gopros reduce helmets effectiveness

    While the adhesives may slightly weaken the shell material over time, it's much more likely that the camera or mount will either get stuck on something in a slide and cause a twisting motion or that it will act as a focal point during an impact (ie: instead of the impact being spread over the...
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    Bike safety in Durham region?

    Pickering Motorsports might be worth checking out. Motorsports Pickering - New & Used Powersports, Service, and Parts in Pickering, ON, near Toronto and Peterborough

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