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    LiveWire recall announced by NHTSA

    heres some more info on this
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    Yup...looks like a good storm heading this way from the west. But i got out for a few hours this afternoon Looks like we will get some pretty nasty weather here about 7pm
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    Long Way Up! On HD Livewire's...

    I've been following along with the show and caught the latest episode last night. Ep 7 Peru A lot of it is filmed around Machu Picchu. The views are positively stunning. I doubt there's a chance that I could ever see this in person but am glad to follow along on their journey. I'll keep watching.
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    Trust this weather or nah?

    I'd say this looks very promising
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    Ride Report: 2020 BC

    Great report Shane. I appreciate the effort put into these. Was nice to follow along and compare. Glad you are home safe
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    Ride Report: Yours to Discover to BC

    I'm enjoying the pics and your report.
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    Ride Report: Yours to Discover to BC

    Following :)
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    Ride Report: 2020 BC

    i would love to see some kind of collaboration with input for great places to stay / camp and eat and such. i find others ride reports so helpful.
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    Ride Report: 2020 BC

    pretty decent snow fall in Deadwood SD yesterday fyi
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    Ride Report: 2020 Apocalypse Ride to the Rocky Mountains

    Wonderful report Gene as always. Just did a lot of this and am enjoying the pics once again. Wish i was back there.
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    Ride Report: 2020 BC

    Hey Shane…so glad you are enjoying your trip. It's funny how we took pics in the same area. And I know that wooden bridge…I stood on it for a good half hour watching the salmon. It was a bit of a debate for me when it came to doing the island and I decided to skip and carry on. At least I know...
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    Ride Report: 2020 BC

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    Worst weather you've ever rode in?

    A couple years ago we left in April for NC. Woke up in Findley OH and the bikes were covered in snow. Packed up the bikes and headed south on I75 Its one thing to ride in the cold to go grab a bag of milk or whatever. Its another thing to go screaming down the highway for an extended period of...
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    Charlotte and I go West

    That's #17 going from SSM to Sudbury This is pretty close to that area
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    Charlotte and I go West

    Hey all I’m home. Ive had a good nights sleep in my own bed. Hands are still a little sore from the ride home from SSM but I feel pretty good. First thing I did today was go get tested. I should have results later today / tomorrow. So let me throw some figures at you. 595 + 1031 + 1010 + 855 =...

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