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    Fortnine dropped the ball.

    Probably Canada Post have caught up to all the parcel people have been ordering during Covid 19. Good news!
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    Snell M2020 helmet standards coming

    Kinda shopping around for a new helmet(maybe Shoei RF1200/NXR. When are the 2020 SNELL helmet coming out? FALL?
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    EMS transport service

    Let's us know how the suspension tune-up turns out.
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    Be careful out there

    found the audio of the horrifying ferry/ van accident
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    Full Hwy 401 Closure from Trafalgar Road to James Snow Pkwy July 4-5

    There is a huge highway construction work on the 401 west of Mavis Rd. Any idea what is being done?
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    Biker assaulted my friend's dad in Heartland

    Heartland is Heartland (opean area/outlet) Mall. The main intersection is Mavis Rd and Britannia Rd West
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    Speed cameras to start automatically ticketing on July 6

    From what i was toild by a guy that write risk assessments for an insurance company, the non moving violations count as it speaks to a pattern of behaviour and shows how you may approach other aspects of your life, that cound impact the insurance company ie; you got a suspension since you...
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    Looking for shop for suspension setup

    Just checked Accelerated Technologies in Buckhorn. After you done you can hit the 507!
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    TMP vs. SMP

    Rider's Choice has CTMP track day on Thursday Aug 6th and Thursday Aug 13th. $270
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    Loud and proud?

    I am guilty of not wearing earplugs all the time. I don't wear plugs on my 20-minute commute. But try to remember to wear them when going out for a day ride. Hearing loss isn't only the problem. I just got to make a habit of wearing them. How are you supposed to get some sleep with the...
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    Lawrence Ave and Markham Rd Life Threatening

    Great to hear some good news. Get Well Soon.
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    To aramid or not?

    I got a pair of DaineseNew Drake Text Pant. Had them for a while now and they are holding up great. Legs are tapered and have knee and shin protection and light foam on the hips. I especially like how the knee armour stays on the knees whether walking or riding. Looks very "urban" compared to...
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    Hello, I am DukeTogo1 or you can call me 'Rich'

    Community Centres, GO Stations, CarPool Parking, Universities Parking Lots are almost empty, especially on the weekend. To get the most of practice. Do some deliberate practice. 15 U turns to the left and 15 U-turns to right. Going in a circle around a light pole in a parking lot ( 3...
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    Hi I’m Sal. Don’t worry I don’t actually stab 😂

    R3 is an awesome bike. check this out.

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