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    Anyone into gardening here?

    Those 3 on the right are vegging along quite nicely 😜
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    Hi-Viz Hydration Pack

    @oioioi That was my first time using the hydration pack during our ride and I think it definitely contributed to my endurance in the heat. I had never rode more than 650km in one day before that and felt fine doing the 1000km on that ride. I used an electrolyte powder in mine which may have also...
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    Summer Solstice Route - Muskoka, Algonquin, Calabogie

    Yep great ride today we covered some great roads, also just over 1000km for me today, a new personal best :D Nice riding with you all
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    Anyone into gardening here?

    Awesome I might have to take you up on that, I still have one plot in the garden bed to be filled up. I'll reach out to ya
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    Anyone into gardening here?

    That would have been good to know. I left the plants in the ground over the winter but yanked the rootballs in the spring as I worked over the soil. Was quite surprised to see how developed it was
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    Anyone into gardening here?

    Thanks I would appreciate that. I would be open to doing some sort of seedling/seed swap with fellow GTAM'ers. Agreed on the cold tolerance, the kale plants I had last year survived well into November.
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    Anyone into gardening here?

    Haven't been able to find any bok choi seedlings, even in Markham (sheridan) Poor selection of seedlings to choose from this year, Kale nowhere to be found
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    Hwy. 518 gravel work , Blackwater Lake Rd & Hwy 2

    It actually might have been completed sometime Fall 2018, but it's the sections between Orville and Sprucedale Google Maps shows the resurfaced layer Google Maps shows the roadwork still being done Both dated Sept 2018
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    Hwy. 518 gravel work , Blackwater Lake Rd & Hwy 2

    ^518 was freshly paved last year
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    2020 Day Trips!

    I will try to join you Shane if you're riding Saturday, I promise my battery is good this time :D
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    TV shows currently watching

    Red tops! Spider bags! Bin Laden! and the best for last ... .. . PANDEMIC!
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    Motorcycle Memes....

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    Who's still riding? (Fall & Winter 2019 Edition)

    Went out for a short local ride yesterday afternoon to burn off some stale fuel and top up, no shortage of bikers out there! Sun was out but was quite chilly near the end of the ride... going to keep watching the weather like a hawk during this quarantine. Stay healthy, stay safe!

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