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    GSX-R Model Mystery

    Posted this over on reddit as well: - just want to clarify, this is not a katana, etc. Those models appear separately in the tool. It is specifically a GSX-R 750W I was looking at insurance rates on some gsxr-750’s and came across a few gsxr-750 models on the insurance quote page (has a...
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    The Reasonably Priced Used Motorcycles for Sale Thread

    That is/was actually my dads bike, funnily enough! Looks like we both sold our VFR’s this year (I had a 2000 800). I know he is sad to let it go. Think he’s looking to get a cbr f4i next.
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    Anyone familiar with Triumph TT600 insurance?

    Have been fairly set on a 06-08 ZZR600 for a few months now as they are insured as sports-tourers and as such give much better rates than most of the other 600cc bikes. However I came across a Triumph TT600, which I had assumed to be just as expensive as any other cbr, r6, gsxr, etc. However, a...
  4. WANTED: ZZR600 2006-2008

    WANTED: ZZR600 2006-2008

    Looking for a 2006-2008 ZZR600.
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    WANTED: ZZR600 2006-2008

    ivan_drago submitted a new listing: WANTED: ZZR600 2006-2008 - WANTED: ZZR600 2006-2008 Learn more about this listing...
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    Classification of Bikes?

    Very true. It sure isn’t cheap to live in Ontario lol. ... Hayabusas are technically sports-tourers, no? Wonder how they would be classified lol
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    Classification of Bikes?

    No kidding! That’s crazy. Well at least there are some fun sports-touring bikes! The VFR800 was awesome (though mine was a much older 2000 vfr) just not quite what I was looking for!
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    Classification of Bikes?

    Ya my broker won’t touch a cbr. They consider it an SS. I just don’t get why a Zzr (which is literally a ~2002 zx6r rebranded) is only 1100$ to insure but a 1998 cbrf3 is like 5000$ lol
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    Classification of Bikes?

    Hey guys, I’m 24 with my G and m2. Have been riding for 4 years now with the bikes I’ve owned being a ninja 250, ninja 650 and a vfr 800. My Ninja and VFR were considered sports-touring bikes and I paid around 1100 for them/year. I’m really eager to get a inline-4 sports bike, with the 2006-2008...
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    Got a good Wawanesa agent?

    Ya figured, considered a cbr650, as I'm a honda guy and the inline 4 is my ultimate goal. But they are too pricey, maybe next year though. Hopefully a 600 at 25.
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    Got a good Wawanesa agent?

    Can't call till Monday so thought I'd ask, in case you have any idea: Do you have any idea what kind of rates someone in the same situation would pay at 23 years old? I've been riding for 3 years now on a Ninja 650 and want to move up to my dream bike, the cbr600 (rr preferably but f4i works...
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    Question before committing to riding ...

    Hey guys, I browsed through the forums and had difficulties finding a posting that matched my current situation and was some what recent (most insurance posts seem to be pre-2012 for some reason?) Anyways, I am turning 21 on July 2nd (people seem to say that 21 is better for insurance than...

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