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    Manitoulin Island

    Although short, I found Silver Lake Road to be very scenic. If you're OK with non-paved roads, Little Lake Huron Rd near Misery Bay is very interesting. I didn't make it thru the entire road but the surface changes from gravel to the Alvars as you get further south.
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    2020 Day Trips!

    Night trip!! Just wandering around in the City
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    Mesh Jackets - how well do they work?

    I've also been using the Klim Induction for about 3 years. Air flow is great but I don't get much air flow under the back protector. I usually get a sweat spot right under the back protector but it's a small issue.
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    [SUGGESTION] Tire inflator

    I'm with gibbons. I love my Milwaukee inflator. Don't have to deal with wires.
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    Who's still riding? (Fall & Winter 2019 Edition)

    Went out this past Saturday. Saw an opportunity to take a photo with the bike on Lake Simcoe!
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    Planing a trip with my son for this coming summer

    I have previously stayed at Kagawong Family Cabins on the island. The people who run it are fantastic and the place was very clean. I've also camped at Gordon's Park which is also run by very friendly staff but the firewood they sell on site is basically tree bark.
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    Day trips 2019

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    Day trips 2019

    Probably the last day trip of 2019. Colours were amazing. Temperature when I hit the road was a chilly 3C. Took a route thru Southwood Rd and Frank Miller Memorial Route.
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    The daily commute

    Did he catch anyone abusing the diamond lanes? Drives me nuts how many single occupant cars use that lane on Don Mills.
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    Soft shell fleece vs down

    My vote goes to heated handle bar grips. I've had both. With the heated grips, all you have to do is push a button when your hands get cold. With the gloves, you'd have to stop, take off your jacket to run the wires thru the sleeves. The downside of grips are that the back of your hand will get...
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    Soft shell fleece vs down

    I've used a heated hoodie made by Milwaukee that I picked up from Home Depot for the past year. I already have M12 batteries for my tools and they charge up fast. I had plug in glove liners before. I found that I'd always forget to unplug before getting off the bike. I much prefer battery...
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    Day trips 2019

    S.O.E.S.!! Great memories from grade 6!
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    Day trips 2019

    It is gravel. The street car is the south end of Kennaway Rd. If you go from HWY 118, it would require less gravel riding.
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    Day trips 2019

    Visited the Old TTC Streetcar in Haliburton this weekend.
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    Iron Butt 1000

    Congrats!!. That's a big group for an IBA run.

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