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  • hi half-a tiger. let's have a bike ride this weekend. may i know your suggestions where to go? I am a neophyte in this game. I drive quite slow compared to the veteran drivers. hope you can guide me....thanks, meanie
    Thanks for the invite. Would love to go, but stuck chauffeuring family around tomorrow. Kinda sucks cuz I have the free time too, but in between. Hopefully next time man. Ride safe.
    Not sure if you will get this message in the morning. I'll have to take a pass on this as i usually sleep in, one of the downside of working the night shift. But saturday afternoon and evens are ok for me.
    Lol, I probably won't be able to make a 9am ride, but I'll give you a call if my plans change.
    Sounds like I missed a perfect ride. And my car needs a wash! I would have went, but I was busy with family during the day.

    I've done parts of that route before on group ride and solo, up Leslie. It's cool how once you pass Major Mac it's like you're in the middle of nowhere. Then when you reach Wellington, there's State Farm headquarters and big box development. How long before sprawl takes over?
    It was nice to meet you as well. Just curious, on smaller ride groups, or even another rider, where do you typically like to ride to?
    Yeah, I heard. Hope he's feeling better.

    Man, I was pretty tired after that abbreviated ride (nice route, btw). I wanted to fall asleep when I got home! I think I need to do some stretching exercises before riding--get the muscles prepped for the workout.

    Food was good too, but now that I think about it, not sure where I would have packed it on my bike!
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