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    Not long ago you were going on a cruise and not taking this seriously. Now you're saying the goal is spread it slowly. THE goal is to stop the spread totally. Countries are now arresting for breaking isolation. If you return to china you must wear a tracking braclet. Its coming.
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    Insuring Multiple Motorcycles

    And where does someone get property ins. that covers motorized vehicles?
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    Insuring Multiple Motorcycles

    As Mad Mike said your rate changes with the bike. I pay my ins. in full one payment, mine renews in feb. so i put ins. on the 250 until i want to ride the gsxr. I change multiple times a year. When I ins. gsxr it is insured before i hang up the phone and i get a bill in the mail for the...
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    More ducati stupidity.

    You do know that we have canadian superbike racing. The bikes running at the front are worth well above $50,000. Not everyone rides to tims.
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    More ducati stupidity.

    I'm aware, however everyone that has ridden one says its a step above the rest as they all sit.
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    More ducati stupidity.

    The v4r is a good deal, try to build a wsbk bike for that price.
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    How do you win in racing exactly?

    Money and more money and the time to exercise 10 hours a day. Just for tires at the pro level can easily cost $1000 per race weekend.
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    Cost breakdown for track day ?

    Works out to $11 per lap, on a good day. :)
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    Cost breakdown for track day ?

    $750 for 3 days at bogie or mosport, 1 set of tires $500, and $400 for fuel in truck and bike.
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    Hobby welding at home

    A miller 120 volt stick will weld 3/32 rod, good for 3/16 thick steel and under $1200. it will also tig weld but not aluminium. A lincoln 120 volt mig will weld 1/8 and under $400. There is also battery back up welders that run on 120 or battery $5000 will burn all rod sizes.
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    Tire recommendations (Supersport)

    metzeler roadtec 01
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    June 15/16/17 Calabogie w Pro 6!

    Brian I don't understand pro 6 logic on that one, would it not be better to point you out to the other fast group riders at riders meeting, and go in red?
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    Left Lane Loafers - Watch This

    There already is a law 20 under the limit on freeways is an offence, never is it applied.
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    Dealing with back pain & riding.

    A kidney belt helps.

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