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    Pencil Lake Road on a 1090 R

    I've done it on a Tiger 800... totally doable as long as it's not w/in a week of major rains. Water makes that road nasty.
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    New moto park ?

    Enduro section has been roughed-in and is coming shortly (we're helping the guys get logs, etc...). From the plans I've seen, the Enduro section will be pretty exciting (one of the coming features is supposed to be a triple-stacked tractor tire pyramid..). Yes, the MX track is a smaller track...
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    New moto park ?

    Hey guys, this park is opened by two of the most awesome guys you can imagine. I only know 1/2 of the duo, but can say that Enrique is the most genuine, hard-working dude you can find. Period. We've ridden together many times and I'm so incredibly proud of him for putting a lot on the line to...
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    Trail Tours- Ganaraska- Newb review

    Thought I'd pile-in with another "newb family" perspective/review on Trailtours. My family did a session a few weeks ago and everyone had a blast! Check out the video review here: Trail Tours – Dirt Bike Lessons for the Whole Family. –
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    Quick Race Numbers / Graphics in Toronto

    Thank you all for your replies! Thanks, I use them fairly regularly, but need new number plates in 2 days. Motocal takes 2 weeks to deliver. Umm... pretty creative thinking but not my shtick... for all that effort, might as well use tape for the numbers... These guys never carry the thick...
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    Quick Race Numbers / Graphics in Toronto

    Hey guys, this is for a dirt bike, but does anyone know of a good sign shop you've used to print graphics/numbers for your bikes?? I have the vector file for my number plates that I need printed ASAP (2-day window)? Thanks in advance for your help!
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    New Blog, Dirt-Riding Oriented

    Hey gang, I thought I'd share my new website and blog, assembled during 8 weeks of lock-down. I'm planning to use the site to share thoughts, videos and content focused on various moto-related experiences that keep me busy throughout the year. The merch on the site is designed by yours truly...
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    Introduction to offroad riding

    Threadamortus? :eek: On a constructive note... has anyone ridden the Creemore area this year (Orchard Hill, Back of Mansfield hill, concession road allowances, etc... that are usually part of ODSC's Creemore ride) to be able to share the conditions? These are really the only 'somewhat legal'...
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    Ganaraska Forest is Closed Until further notice

    I agree that it's silly and inconsistent to close the forest entirely. Most mountain bike trails (like Dagmar, not far from the Ganny BTW) have posted notices that while parking is closed and the areas ares are un-maintained/policed, mountain biking and responsible hiking activity is permissible...
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    Is it summer yet? Dreaming of Bethany

    Thanks D (LOL)! Are you going to let us introduce you to some trail riding this summer finally?
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    Is it summer yet? Dreaming of Bethany

    Hey gang, I'm already suffering from winter blues so started editing some footage from the summer. Here's an overview of ODSC Bethany Ride - the season opener ride for many... Is it summer yet? Let me know what you think!
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    Ganaraska's Lookout Hill closed due to erosion

    ...hopefully Ganaraska authorities have a plan for rehabilitating that area, not just throw up a "No Motorized Vehicles" signs and leaving it for years, like they've done with the other hills that were eroded in the past few years.
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    Marmora mine to Bancroft

    The only pass I buy is OFTR and Gananraska, and that is only to support the overall efforts in Ontario and be legal in my main weekday riding area (I ride the Ganny at least 3x per month, well into November). Everywhere else, I just carry cash and when stopped by a warden pull a long face after...
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    Machinist for small bike jobs?

    @Rob Star Awesome, sent you a PM with my number.
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    Machinist for small bike jobs?

    Hey guys, does anyone know a machinist that can do small touch-up jobs? I have a brake lever set that does not account for the the collar of the spacer/sleeve and also for some reason has the return spring slot cut too narrow... hoping to get those cut in / enlarged so not to have to throw out...

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