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    WTB brocks exhaust for Gen1 Busa

    Looking for any Brocks exhaust for a Gen 1 Hayabusa .Don't care if it's Underslung, Sidewinder, or an alien head. I just need to get rid of this 30 pound Jardine exhaust lol. Thanks . Ian
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    WTB Gen1 Hayabusa parts

    I am looking for a rear sprocket (530) 42 or 43 tooth, mirror block off plates, lowering links. If you have any of these let me know and I will come pick up asap! Thanks, Ian
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    GSXR Parts!

    I have a few parts from my k6 600 Gsxr for sale. .k6/k7 600 throttle bodies. $180 obo .k6/k7 600 air box. $60 obo .k6/k7 600/750 wiring harness. $115 obo .k6/k7 600 ecu. $200 obo (i have 2 of these) .k6/k7 600/750 r/r. $130 obo .k6/k7 750 front sprocket. $30 .k8/k9 600 ecu. $200 obo
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    K6 600 to k7 750 motor swap issues...!

    Hi there. I just recentley did the k7 750 swap in my k6 600. I have run into a few issues. (STOCK MOTOR) Before I start I will tell you that I have tripple checked timing, valve clearance, compression, spark and made sure everything is connected properly. Issue 1- the bike starts but it...
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    WTB k6/k7 750 gsxr ecu ASAP

    In need for one asap. Will come get it asap. Let me know! Thanks. Ian
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    2006 gsxr600 electrical problem!!!

    Okay, so i tore apart wiring harness and didnt find a broken wire but thought might as well try this, i cut the red wire going to the r/r clip on the harness and cut the other end that goes to the starter relay and replaced it with a speaker wire i had laying around, i then check for continuity...
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    2006 gsxr600 electrical problem!!!

    Sorry that picture is the clip that goes to the harness from the r/r.
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    2006 gsxr600 electrical problem!!!

    Okay so im having the famous charging problem! I have replaced battery, stator, and r/r. I even removed my hids! Okay so ive gone through everything and followed the service manual and everything passes the check! I have 4 spare batterys and the bike is doing the same with all of em and i...
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    WTB: Rectifier for gsxr600

    I know its a long shot but i thought id try anyways. Im in need of a 2006 gsxr600 r/r. If you have one that works laying around ill come pick itup right now! Thanks. Ian
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    WTB: Power Commander for 2006 GSXR600

    Like the title says, i need one asap for a 2006! Anyone that has one post here or PM me! Thanks, Ian
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    New to the site from Guelph!

    Hi there im Ian (24) live here in Guelph. Just came across this site not too long ago. I ride a 2006 GSXR600 couple little things done to er. I just got my girlfriend on the 250 ninja teaching her to take some twisties! Anyone in the area ever wants to meet up and go for a ride we are both...

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