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    Need a snowblower....recommendations?

    Same snow blower I mentioned is on sale at CT for $949.99.
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    Need a snowblower....recommendations?

    Don't know anything about snowblowers - I bought this one assembled. Delivery was extra though.
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    Need a snowblower....recommendations?

    Hope the link works: 24-in 208-cc Two-Stage Gas Snow Blower | Lowe's Canada
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    Need a snowblower....recommendations?

    Briggs and Stratton 24" dual stage snowblower on sale at Lowes (ends tomorrow). Four stroke engine, electric start and self propelled. It is listed at $500 off getting the price down to $699.00.
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    Ed Hertfelder

    To understand the humour, you had to know a bit about motorcycles. I believe in the earlier articles these were called jesus clips and you would surreptitiously drop one on your friend's garage floor after he finished an engine rebuild. I also learned not to try and clean a gas cap vent hole...
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    Ed Hertfelder

    The column was also in "Cycle World" I believe for many years. Yes it was a street bike publication and it did not really fit with the other content but I used to buy it just for his column. Stopped buying that mag when they decided to move him to the off road publication. When I had to downsize...
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    Has anybody used this site to purchase things before? (Motorcycle innovations)?

    Dealt with this firm a couple of times, no issues and fast service.
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    I Saw You: V.2.0

    Probably the one of the nicest bikes ever.

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