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    Garmin Nuvi For GPS Navigation - How do you hear the turn-by-turn instructions?

    Yup just glance down for the most part, and if you miss a turn it will recalculate....
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    Anyone into gardening here?

    Still learning, let’s see what this year brings, I didn’t do much either, sun and water, maybe the chicken poop would have helped, but they did hit almost 6 feet in height, just no oomph.... not sure if I didn’t do something right, but I didn’t think it was so hard, All one has to do is plant...
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    Anyone into gardening here?

    no idea what I got, but I put the seeds on A wet paper towel, watered and let sit for 2 days, little tails grew, took them and planted into container, this is now the 2nd day of them being outside, spray bottle watering each day, and in indirect/direct sunlight, brought indoors in the evening...
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    Gs750es year question he

    make your way over here lot’s of info i didn’t do the cafe racer but I did a full rebuild
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    Making it all fit (garage pics)

    Yes, No panel in garage, was going to run from main, to a sub panel, I'm just getting lazy lights are in, even changed them to led tubes, but never wired them up, my projects are stacking up .
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    Making it all fit (garage pics)

    Ohhh ya, forgot the heaters, those need to go in as well, but need to run 220 to the garage, see it’s always something .
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    Making it all fit (garage pics)

    I used the stuff that came in the kit, it don’t help,,,,lol i just try to keep it dry i just wish I could find the time to drywall, and finish the lighting maybe this summer... .
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    Making it all fit (garage pics)

    Prep is key floor was sanded, etched, washed, dried, then epoxy applied
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    Making it all fit (garage pics)

    My DIY, only problem is if it gets wet, it’s slippery as ice, its standing up well, but I don’t have any heavy usage on the floor
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    Making it all fit (garage pics)

    Posted this in the past, but it’s still nice, added a tv to the white wall, still have to drywall, one day....
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    Hot tub anyone?

    Just get one and enjoy
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    North American International Motorcycle Supershow - Jan 3-5, any good?

    I'll go if I win tickets...........wait for it....should be posted soon........
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    So, What Do We Think of Cybertruck?

    whats there to think about....
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    Any GTAM'ers own an electric vehicle? one put a deposit on one..... I've wasted 150 bucks on stupider stuff why not on this....LOL

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