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    anyone here work in NDT?

    I'm exploring career change options because I'd like to be able to have work that's a little less location dependent. Right now, downtown Toronto is the only possible place in this entire country for me (and my wife) to make a living due to poor career choices. So we commute almost 3 hours a...
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    The Bad Drivers of Ontario Thread

    I was thinking "classic corolla move coming up" before I even saw your quote.
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    The Bad Drivers of Ontario Thread

    Except when Quebecers are in Ontario. Geez how many times this week left lane Larry turned out to be gauche a gauche Gilles.
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    The Bad Drivers of Ontario Thread

    It all came down to affordability.
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    Political Donation by Unions/Corps

    Ok this is gold Sigh of relief that my employer didn't donate to any party, though I see a few former employers. BUT CAA did so I cancelled my...
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    The Bad Drivers of Ontario Thread

    I always assume people that do this must be off-duty cops. Everyone I know that's done this has been bent over when caught.
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    The Bad Drivers of Ontario Thread

    oh **** I missed my turn! no worries, everyone will wait for MEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Civilized people just take the next safe turn. Selfish ***** just cut everyone else off. Civilized people don't cause traffic jams because they made mistakes. Selfish ***** have no consideration for other...
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    The Bad Drivers of Ontario Thread

    ermagahd ermagahd ermagahd ermagahd ermagahd !
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    Michelin Pilot Road 2 vs 3 vs 4 vs other?

    So the last time I bought new tires the PR3 were brand spanking new and I got a deal on PR2s and I was very happy with them for many many kilometers more than 10,000 for sure. Great all round for commuting and being stuck in the rain and all that. Sold the bike with those still looking good and...
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    Carpenters! Question about cabinet plywood

    So I'm going to make some cabinet boxes for a family room built in. How do I choose what to construct them out of if I'm indifferent to the species? Someone told me go with Baltic birch, others said maple. Pine looks ok but is it too soft. Is oak to much to deal with as an amateur? I'm going buy...
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    How do I choose a TV?

    I've never owned a television or bought one. We had one when I was younger and I watched TV by turning it on, switch to channel 3 for Nintendo. I've been aware that I have no idea how to operate a more modern television since around the late 90s. When I go to people's houses that have a pile of...
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    It's not looking good

    I guess that's no surprise. Just another thing they say to get votes.
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    Witnesses chase left turn hit and run A motorcycle rider is in hospital with serious injuries and two suspects in a hit-and-run are on the lam following a crash in north Edmonton Monday night. The motorcycle was travelling north on...
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    Adjusting fork spring tension

    2011 Suzuki Gladius if that matters. I find the suspension way too "bouncy" or "soft". I want it tighter. I got the back tightened up all the way and it's better and will have to do until I get the GSXR shock in there someday. Anyway the front, the service manual has this to say, and nothing...
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    Battery died with lights on overnight

    So apparently my bike can have the lights left on. It's a daily rider and the battery is only a few months old. Totally dead to rights this morning, didn't have time to mess around and took the car to work. Do I: 1. Jump it off the car (I know not to start the car) for a while and go for a...

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