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  • Yeah your looking at about $100-$150 for something like that. Should only take a couple of day to have the helmet returned to you with the work you ask for completed. Only thing I would need to know from you or atleast get a rough idea of would be the font or style of lettering you wish to use.

    Cheers, Mike.
    It doesn't have to be a solid colour, it just makes life easier for me. Just doing some lettering or something like that can be pretty cheap, maybe $100 and the sky is the limit after that I did one not to long ago costing almost $1000 in airbrushing.
    I do paint helmets aswell as anything else I get my hands on LOL, what did you have in mind?
    hey....i used to live in whitby shores....in courtice now. i work a lot of nights but im sure ill see u out there!
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