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    Toronto motorcycle show question please ASAP!

    Hey quick question for anyone who’s been and knows. At the last show gpbikes had 25% Off pretty much everything including visors I ordered there for my helmet. I’m wondering if they have this same offer again this weekend, and more importantly, does it also apply to full exhaust systems and...
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    Where to get ECU FLASH?

    Just bought a 2018 Yamaha r6, going to install full hindle exhaust , air filter, smog plates, nothing crazy, but have decided after researching that I’d like to flash tune instead of pcv. can you guys recommend some good people/places you’ve used for ecu flashing? I understand if I want the...
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    How to prevent helmet hair!?

    Hey guys, I’m a new rider, just got my m2 actually. I’m already noticing my helmet leaving imprints in my hair, giving me an indented Mohawk basically lol...except not funny, or cool. The helmet fits right, I have a buzz cut, which I intend on keeping for the summer. Has anyone found that...
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    Need temporary insurance to transport new bike!

    Hoping maybe one of the brokers here can chime in, or someone who’s experienced similar. Basically I bought a new bike, I’ll be using a trailer to go pick it up, but I won’t have insurance on the bike yet. Just realizing that it may not be a good idea to be towing it around or even leaving in...
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    Good riding pants suggestions needed!

    Hey guys, so I’ve bought my first bike, just an r3 to start, ill be using it for my daily 20-25 minute commute to work during the week. In the summer I wear shorts to work, when it’s a bit cooler I’ll wear cargos, but either way, I’m looking for a good pair of riding pants that will fit...
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    Backing out of purchase agreement

    So I put a $1000 deposit on a new 2017 r3 at one of the bike shows earlier this year, was a good deal at the time, but now see i can get it for substantially less elsewhere...I know it may be frowned upon, but at the end of the day it’s my money and i don’t intend to pay a dime more than I have...

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