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    Anybody tired of the Teacher's Strikes?

    I think there are 2 issues here. One is about Pay and possibly related things like pensions, benefits, etc. The other revolves around some changes the government made. I have absolutely no problem with someone requesting a pay rise and calling it what it is. I can respect that. Most people...
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    Scented Candles Anyone???

    My wife does like scented candles, vanilla, cinnamon, etc. I even have a Castrol R scented candle that I picked up in the UK and love the scent... but there is something that smells fishy about this... Gwyneth Paltrow Scented Candles
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    Prince Harry moves to Canada to become Financially Independent...

    Being mostly of Irish, Non-Covenanting Scots-Irish and Ojibway decent I'm very much a republican and it just doesn't sit too well with me that I'd have to spend a cent on this guy. Anyway, it is what it is.
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    RIP: Neil Peart, Drummer from Rush

    I also like the Tragically Hip, but I though Neil handled this will a lot of class, and very much on his own terms. I don't really know, but he had it for a few years so perhaps that was one of the reasons he called it quits after the R40 tour Seems like we have lost a lot of really good...
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    Prince Harry moves to Canada to become Financially Independent...

    Well, maybe she can get her roll in Suits back. That should pay for some of it. No offence, but should this guy not start at the back of the immigration queue?
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    Prince Harry moves to Canada to become Financially Independent...

    I almost choked on my coffee... LOL Sorry, poor taste... although that's what would happen to most unskilled workers when they immigrate, but I bet he'll end up with a plum 'job' in the end
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    RIP: Neil Peart, Drummer from Rush

    Very sad. 67 is much, much too young. I met him once about 15 years ago. I was getting gas at a station at Brock and Taunton in Whitby and another guy with a R1200GS pulled in. I didn’t even recognize him at first, but we struck up a conversation about my bags of all things. Really nice guy...
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    This Motorcycle Life

    Amazing. Thanks for posting
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    Motorcycle Supershow Reviews?

    Staying with my brother over the holidays so we went together. He got what I thought was a good deal on a set of Qualifiers from Pro6. The Harley Livewire demo was interesting. It was a lot noiser than I expected. As mentioned already the 613 guys had some great deals I'm a big classic...
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    Stripping Powder Coat

    Thanks all. PPC it is...
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    Stripping Powder Coat

    Thanks Rob & Wingboy. Someone else just PM'ed me about PPS as well. I really like companies that do "Small Cash Jobs"... LOL Is JohnnyP still around? Haven't seen him posting lately.
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    Stripping Powder Coat

    Thank you Sir. This is very helpful. I'll pass it on.
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    Stripping Powder Coat

    My brother is building a little Suzuki T250 for vintage racing. I'm staying with him over Christmas so I did some bracing on the frame and added another set of frame rails to tie the swing arm pivot into the spine under the tank similar to a modern frame. I also boxed in the swing arm pivot for...
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    Merry Christmas to all !

    Love it :)
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    How to bring a dead lead acid battery back to life

    Amazing video. Anything is repairable when you don't live in a Nanny state and labour is cheap enough. Still, I would have some concerns with molten lead, acid and sandals

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