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    Android to hide your signal strength at carriers request basically if bell doesn't want you to see how strong (or weak) your signal is then your android phone is going to hide it from you. Sure you could install something like linage or the like (if it supports your phone) but often...
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    At fault collision in the USA

    A friend rear ended someone in the states, I believe he has full coverage (i'd have to ask to double check). Not much damage to the car that was hit, how ever my friend's car got skewered, the car that was hit had a hitch and it punched through the bumper into the rad on my friend's car. No...
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    Request: Best Rain Gear

    I'm in search of great rain gear I've had WetSkins which were good for 40,000 or so KM I've had VSX which made it about a season latest set is Neilson Rigg which lasted me about a year. At $60-$120 a pop this is ridiculous for it to fail so soon.
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    Best machine shop for older bike engines?

    A friend is buying a project bike, he's looking to have some valve work (guides) amongst other things done, what's the best shop, he's east end but willing to travel.
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    8gb stick DDR3 1600 ram

    I have an 8gb unused corsair low profile vengeance ddr3 ram stick to sell. It was bought for a computer build but the computer never got built so it is still in the box. has this ram for $79.99 plus 8.99 shipping plus tax ($100.55). I'll take $60 for it. I'm in toronto fairly often...
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    Using generic grip heaters with oxfords controller

    My oxford grips are wearing out, replacement grips are about $40 each or $80 for the pair. I can buy a whole setup for that. I'm wondering if there are generic heat wafers I can use and put grips of my choosing over them.
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    Diagnosing motorcycle charging system - fault finding diagrams

    Here are a couple fault finding diagrams for when you have issues with the battery not charging or the bike dying. Often one component may take another component with it. Batteries, regulator/rectifier, r/r, stator
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    Bots keep buying all the concert tickets

    If you've ever tried to get a concert ticket and you're waiting for them to go on sale only to see them sell out in 3 minutes and up for sale on scalper sites you probably want something done about it. here's your chance
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    3/4 of android phones/tablets/devices are at risk you are less likely (but not immune) if you only get your apps from the google play store, how...
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    Best place to buy wood flooring?

    We would like to rip up the carpet in the bedroom and put down wood/wood like flooring, doesn't have to be fancy, looking for a low cost per sq ft, preferably the stuff that clicks together. Where's the best place to buy flooring? bedroom is 15'4"x11'4" and the closet is 8'x6' so i guess 230 sq...
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    Samsung making IEDs?

    First it was the note 7, then washing machines (mother in law has one), now it's the S7
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    Central etobicoke contractor recomendations

    My parents live in central etobicoke (eglinton) and would like to make it so from the kitchen/dinette you can converse with people in the living room as my mom feels cut off from company if they're hanging out in the living room/dining room. Basically making the place more open concept. there...
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    Is this the end for BlackBerry? They no longer innovate, they're now litigating. Just like SCO did when they started suing everyone with pockets that used linux (including their own customers). RIP BlackBerry...
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    How TPP will affect us the video is aimed at australia but it pretty much is the same for us.
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    France train shooting: Americans overpower gunman France train shooting: Americans overpower gunman crazyness.

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