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  • Hey, hope all is well I have bike that needs a paint job, complete bike tank n all except frame :)
    I was wondering if you'd be available to give me a quote on the dents I have in my tank? I'm not in a rush, but it's something that should get done...
    my 03 rr just recently had a tip over at my girls place..nothing major, i just liked her better mint lol. could i get an email to send you pics?
    Hi Les
    22 meadowland boulevard
    Thornton l0l 2n0
    705 291 0090
    Thanks Sam
    I have a complete set of Armour Bodies bodywork for a Ducati 748 that I would like to get painted in three colours - yellow, white, black. I have a design to follow. The bodywork is new, just arrived from Armour Bodies

    Is this something you can do?
    Hi Les,
    Terry O'Shell here. I've just had the time to find your name again here on GTS as my computer crashed and I lost all my email contacts. Two things- how did your boy do this past season in the speedskating? My wife thought that was so cool that he's so good. Also, hopefully you've been able to get some business from us as I've handed out about tree dozen of your cards last season- my buddy David Vu has a little brother that is starting to race his NSR and I mentioned that he should give you a call. Can you send me your email again- I know its something like but I'm not sure. I'd like to send you Eden's 2010 spring newsletter so you know whats going on with him this season. Send your email to
    Again hope your whole gang is doing great Les.
    Talk soon.

    Hi there, I have a crack on my left fairing, long but no breaks. I get my bike for the spring next week. I could send you pics then. Email me at for the quickest reply.

    I have a new NSR50 that needs to be painted. The bike is pretty small as it is a kids bike and the fairings are brand new with no paint on them. I would like to paint it in a simple 3 colour scheme: blue, white and black.

    Could you please give me a quote and tell me where you are located?


    Hi Les,

    I had a tip over on my Ducati 1098.

    I have pics of where the damage is , it is on the front fender cowl , 3 cracks where the mirror is, all plastic still intact.

    The cowl is from an "S" model so it has the white number board as well as a gold edge trim.

    I would like to send you pics and if available to do so, would like to drop off to you this week.

    Can I have your email address to send you pics?

    Many Thanks Dino
    Hi i was given your name from Infero buster. I have a 2002 (darb blue)gixxer with a piece of the upper fairing missing (nose) can you fix it and paint it please let me know. also how much would it cost me.

    Hi Cheek, I have a 2004 harley night train and thinking of changing colour from a lava red to a simple gloss black.

    Parts would be tank, front and rear fender.

    No dents,dings just respray.

    Can you please quote me.

    Thanks Dino Z
    Hey Les;

    Don't know if you remember. . .you painted some parts for my Vstar black the Winter before last? Just wanted to say hello brother. . .. hope all is well.

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