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    Any body Whitby/Oshawa have a set of JIS drivers to loan?? Or a way of removing one last stuck bolt from the acceleration stacks on a 01 cbr929rr
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    Trying to pull the air box on a 01 929cbr rr to get at the plugs. 5 of 6 bolts for acceleration stacks pulled just fine, 1 not budging. Top isn't stripped but it must be JIS, the phillips just turns out. Any body in Whitby/Oshawa have a JIS driver I can borrow or a way of pulling that damned...
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    Little help

    If this needs to moved somewhere else, admin, feel free. Any one on here have short term rental available. Need something cheap and cheerful for the next month. Gf and I blew up. Her house. I'm mature, 49, employed and sane. Can pitch in reasonable amount for rent, just remember I'm also...
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    Rear tire for 99Fireblade???

    Enough left of tire to have had it safetied but not enough for any spirited twisty rides. Any one here have any suggestions. '99 cbr900rr 180/55zr17. Won't be track bound, just up to fun on twisty roads. Cheers thanks.
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    Need Legal HELP!!!!

    No idea where i should post this, so admin help me out?? Long story shorter, 2 years ago told wife that trial separation wasn't a trial any more, her being out of my home had lost me 30lbs and counting, no feeling of need to drink to tolerate her, BP down to near normal and Blood Sugars...
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    Bikes have all died

    Just received the news that my ride has died. That leaves me with, what may be an opportunity for some one. I have three bike in various states of disrepair and death that may interest anybody who likes to play with old bikes or is into restoring/rebuilding projects. up for grabs are - 1980...
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    Shredded Chrome& Flying Squirrel +++++

    Just want to express my gratitude and admiration to Bram at ShreddedChrome, he brought my new to me CB750F back to life, on budget, and ahead of time. And Glen at Flying Squirrel for getting the needed parts ahead of time and under budget. Thanks guys!!! I'll definitely be back on all my future...
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    Good Ink??

    Can any one on here point me in the direction of a good tattooist, skilled in the water-colour style of tattooing. Have had no luck, so I thought I'd throw it out there. Merry Christmas!!
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    Worth it??

    I may have the opportunity to salvage a mid 70's era? 3cylinder Kawasaki. Missing some bits, not too rusted, engine turns but no where near running. I'm not really a mechanic but good with my hands and a quick study. Anyone have thoughts or advice about this being a first project bike. From what...
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    Might as well say Hi.

    Hi!! Everybody. I figured that since I posted my 2cents on another thread I should introduce my self. New official rider here, riding dirt bikes and friends rides for years but just officially picked up my M1 and passed M1 exit(RTI rocks!!) in the last 2 months. Have put 3500k's on my new to me...

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