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  • Yikes :( I'm hoping to check out that way if Gilligan gets to ride up. Hes got family there I would like to meet/see again. Hopefully the snow goes away soon!
    Moved back from where?
    Yeah its good to get out riding again. Now for the warm weather to hit!! Fricken not liking this cold chill happening :)
    It went really well. Taking it in for plates today and riding tomorrow. Just planning if I am going to dress warm or rain resistant haha. And gotta see with Lunatic see if he'll ride part way with me since hes on the way anyways. Have you gotten out yet? And only have the last owners pics. Gotta get Wobbly to do another shoot and I'll get some with the new girl.
    Hey brodie! Congrats on getting insurance! i just have one question about insurance. may i ask what broker are you using? please and thanks
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