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    MWR Air Filters - WARNING

    Hey everyone. Just putting a warning out there for all those that are thinking about buying one, or have one already. This is the result of the wrong information being shared from supplier to dealer. If you purchase this filter be sure to check the measurements directly from MWR
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    Private 1/4 Mile Track Rental at TMP - Multiple Dates - Please Join

    Due to lack of participation we will no longer be hosting the private track rentals. Thanks again Adam
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    RIP Bill Warner (Texas mile record holder)

    A sad day for the bike racing world as Bill Warner died while attempting 300+mph in a standing mile yesterday. LIMESTONE, Maine (AP) — A motorcycle racer trying to top 300 mph died Sunday after losing control and...
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    2008 GSX-R 750 For Sale - Mint Shape

    Please contact Adam at 705-722-2011 EDIT: PRICE DROP 7,500 OBO Certified Hello. I am selling my 2008 GSX-R 750. The bike is in fantastic shape, and will be certified for the new owner. This is a great all around street bike to ride, and it made a healthy 131whp after being tuned. I am the...
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    My Great Tuning Experience With Z1 Cycletech

    Hello everyone, Yesterday I had my 2011 ZX-10R tuned by Zaid at Z1 Cycletech. Both Glen and Zaid were great to deal with, and the customer service was outstanding. I contacted them back in April to setup a time for a baseline dyno pull before I de-restricted the bike. The bike went in and...
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    What Drag Shock is Everyone Using?

    Hello everyone, I was just curious as to what some of you are using for a drag shock and any opinions you might have of some of them on the market. I have a 2011 ZX-10R that will be used for street and strip use this next summer and I plan on purchasing a drag shock. So far I have been looking...
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    Purchased a Second Bike - 2011 ZX-10R

    So I made an impulse purchase a couple weeks back and decided to pick up a 2011 ZX-10R. I was looking into them for the last little while and Kawasaki had a $5,000 rebate for the remaining 2011 models. Since I wasn't a fan of the new 2012 paint scheme I tried to put in an offer for a couple, but...
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    My Terrible Tuning Experience With Pro 6 Cycle

    In early June I went to Pro 6 Cycle to have my 2008 GSX-R 750 tuned after installing a full R77 Yosh exhaust, K&N filter, and Power Commander 5. After hearing some great things about their shop and reading a few great reviews I thought for sure they would be the place to get what I wanted...
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    BMW S1000RR HP4 - First Test Ride Video and HQ pics

    Sorry if this is a repost. Well a couple weeks back BMW hosted a ride day for the new HP4 model. Here is motorcycle news review of it as well as several HQ pics! What a sexy bike. Price is estimated to start over 20k with the carbon version being anywhere from 22-24k!! This includes BMW's and...
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    Took my 2008 GSX-R 750 Down the 1/4 Mile for the First Time

    So this past weekend I took my 2008 GSX-R 750 down the 1/4 mile at TMP for the first time. It is actually not that easy lol, at least for me and my lack of experience. First pass of the day was an 11.2 at 131mph, and my fastest was a 10.8 at 134mph with lots of 10.9's. My buddy with the same...
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    Newb From North of the GTA

    Hello everyone, I was in the car scene for a long time before finally getting into bikes back in early 2011. I currently own a 2008 GSX-R 750 that I bought stock, but it didn't take long for the modify bug to bite. After having it for a week I bought a full R77 Yosh exhaust, K&N filter, Power...

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