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    What a scary ride yesterday

    Campbellville / bicycles.....😆 🤣 😂 😹..kings of the road....does the sign not ask to share the road ?.. so why do the bicycles not share ?
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    New dumb question - passing tech for no coolant

    Mo cool works great
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    Fun bike Qs (MT-01 ??)

    Sorry - dont mean to go off topic, but what kind of container do you carry it in? I bought one of those gas cans from canadian tire..the ones for your chain saw that have a gas can on one end and an 2.5L oil container on the other.. cut the oil can off with the band saw. Works great, never...
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    Fun bike Qs (MT-01 ??)

    Just take an FZ1 or MT10 for a ride in the mountains and you will be sold....HP and torque through out the power band..the only downfall is the size of the gas tank....i carry extra fuel....
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    Canada Post Delivery Timelines

    Canada post office..... Not to worry..i got them back 😂😂😂
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    Tow Truck Turf War

    Blew a tire on the 400....called CAA...10 min later they were on flat bet towed to my choice of shops....well done CAA 😁....I the 10 min wait 3 tow trucks pulled over...i told them no thanks.... A bit off topic but if you want to get gouged...take your animal to the vet.....55...
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    Canada Post Delivery Timelines

    I called Canada post for a partial refund....answer...sorry your **** out of luck... Last week I ordered a fish finder from GPS city on the west coast...PAID EXTRA for 1 day it in 22 hrs via FedEx...cost me 25 bucks...i paid 21 to ship an envelope to halifax express post on the...
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    Canada Post Delivery Timelines

    Shipped a package to Halifax 7 days ago via Canada post....lady asks me if I want 3 day service...paid EXTRA for it.( important package ,)..just left Montreal this morning.....fucken scam artists $$$$$$$
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    Moto GP NOT

    so when to we get our refunds from Dorna ?
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    Ganaraska Forest is Closed Until further notice

    northumberland forest opens tomorrow May 15 😁😁😁😁😁
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    Motorcycle Tire Recommendations

    i have bridgstone T30 evo's on my FZ1 and love them..they replace the garbage Michelin's. transformed the bike 100% better...the new version is the T31, add the $60 rebate and you can't beat them....the T30 evo is a great tire and about 60 bucks a set less than the T31. I would have to flip...
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    Group Ride Ignores ‘Groups of 5+’ and ‘Physical Distancing’

    Saw a group of over 100 bikes 401 westbound yesterday
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    Well .. back at it .. but in the dirt

    120 main (118 would be better) 45 pilot 4th clip from top ( needle) Snorkel removed from top of air box Exhaust baffle removed from exhaust (spark arrestor stays) 91 octane pump gas This does not make it a race bike but you will notice an improvement in performance
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    Well .. back at it .. but in the dirt

    The power up kit costs about 10 bucks...its worth the effort. The 230 is a great bike for having fun on the trails . Great on gas and reliable with basic maintenance. I sold my yz250fx and went back to the 230...besides..I wanted to live longer...😜 I changed the shim stack in the rear shock and...
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    Well .. back at it .. but in the dirt

    Install the power up kit on the 230

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