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    Intact Insurance Bought Jevco Insurance

    Just got news that Intact Insurance purchased the whole Jevco/Kingsway Insurance Company. Intact was formerly ING Canada up until a few years ago, and they are the biggest insurance company in Canada. They also recently acquired AXA insurance, and are the parent company of BelairDirect, Novex...
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    Aviva Insurance Rate Updates

    Aviva just released the new discount guidelines effective March 1st for new business, and April 1st for renewals. The rates can be competitive in certain markets, and they are definetly going after the complete package - home, auto & bike - with a focus on the more mature and experienced...
  3. Aleks Hara

    Jevco Payment Plan Update

    Jevco has changed their 4-pay plan to a 6-pay plan. Effective January 1, 2012 for New Business. Effective March 1, 2012 for Renewals of existing clients. Usually it ends up working out to 1st on credit card, and then the other 5 come out from the bank account in consecutive months.
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    Facility Rate Change

    Quick heads-up for any riders insured through the Facility Association. "Facility Association has received approval from the Financial Services Commission of Ontario (FSCO) for an increase in Motorcycle rates effective February 1, 2012 new business and April 1, 2012 renewals in Ontario...
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    Cornerstone Brokers at the Motorcycle Supershow

    Come say hi to us at our booth this Friday, Saturday and Sunday!
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    Cornerstone Broker's First Forum

    Hi Everybody! My name is Aleks, and I just joined GTAM (it's my first forum ever, so I will learn as I go). I've been working in the insurance industry for about 4 years now, and have been at Cornerstone Brokers for 8 months. I look forward to participating in discussions relating to...

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