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    Cheap 6x12 enclosed trailer at lowes $2600

    They were on sale for the same price around Christmas, but they actually had trailers in stock. They had the next size up (8x12 I think) on sale for $3600 (reg. $9k) in stock in Whitby that I went and checked out but decided not to pull the trigger. Seems like a great deal if you can find one
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    Working with derlin

    If you're up for a drive to Courtice, I've got a small lathe in my back shop and could do them for you on a weekend. You won't get a pretty surface finish, but I would use a drill and sand paper before I paid a shop to use a lathe for 5 minutes.
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    [CTV News] Motorcyclist shocked her insurance is discontinued

    Good to see this on CTV. I'm in the same boat - getting dropped by Aviva at the end of this month and had to find other insurance. 3 years on a DRZ; no claims, tickets, anything... My insurance payment has gone up 15% since the switch as well, which is rather unfortunate. I will be paying a few...
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    Booking the M2 exit.

    I did mine in Oshawa last year and I remember the time slots being mostly full, but I still had a fair bit of selection. I did the test in July and I booked it sometime in mid-May, but then had to change the date a few weeks before the test and still had no issue finding a time/day that worked...
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    Mercedes Pick-Up Truck

    I think it's based on a Nissan Frontier. Which isn't a good thing...
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    Does anyone know where can I buy clutch lever

    RSC Clutch Lever I just put a shorty lever on the DRZ. Expensive, but probably the best clutch lever money can buy
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    Tomorrow afternoon doesn't look half bad either for a short ride. Hopefully gonna do a quick shakedown of the DRZ with all the new mods.
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    Wind Pressure on Helmet. How to Reduce?

    Just always ride in full tuck and you'll never feel any wind
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    Who's still riding? (Fall & Winter 2018 Edition)

    Thought about getting the bike out this afternoon for a quick 20 minutes to test out all the new stuff I put on over the winter. Problem is that the DRZ is in the back shop, and our backyard still has 6 plus inches of snow, ice, and standing water, so no ride today. Maybe Friday depending on...
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    General Motors Oshawa to Close Looks like really limited info right now, but rumor is GM Oshawa is closing its doors. Tough hit to Oshawa losing...
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    M2 -> M Insurance Decrease?

    First of all I did a quick forum search and didn't see anything, but I have no doubt this has been discussed before. Last week I did the M2 Exit Test at the DriveTest center and passed! Yay me, right? I have a few questions about insurance now that I have my full M license. 1. Do I have to...
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    Min wage increase

    Liberals right now. edit: idfk why this came out so small. click on it
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    I bought a Dogecoin shirt back in 2015 (maybe 2014? idr) to help sponsor a Nascar car for $50k. I remember being given dogecoin and it being worth so little I would never open up an account. Looks like that few thousand I had been given is worth a few bucks now, but still not worth a whole lot.
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    Min wage increase

    Somewhat related.
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    Costs Associated With Insuring Multiple Bikes

    I know I've seen this discussed before, but I couldn't find it in a search, so I figured I'd ask again. I'm about 85% sure I'm going to be picking up a second bike this week. I found a pretty decent deal on a DR650, which I think I could make work for the offroading and highway riding I'm...

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