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    Speeding ticket out of province

    Driving back from Edmonton, got pulled over on the Trans Canada 17 in Manitoba doing 126 in a 100... $382 ticket! Just at the bottom of a hill.. Anyways, fighting it is not an option as I'm not going to have the time/expense to show up for a court date in winnipeg.. My question is: Do i get...
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    Which helmet: Shoei RF1100 or Shoei Qwest

    Well.. as the title says, Which helmet, Shoei RF1100 or Shoei Qwest.. By the looks of it, Royal Distributing has the RF1100 for $449.99 (Black) or the Qwest for $377.99 I've read a few professional reviews, which say they are both good helmets, One review i read said the Qwest was better than...
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    Motorcycle Handbook

    I've got my M2X test coming up.. When i first got my M1 (Just under 5 years ago) i bought a used Motorcycle handbook.. It could be anywhere from 5-8 years old i assume. Is it still relatively current, or should I pick up a new one to study from?
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    ICON Helmets

    So I picked up a new ICON Alliance flat-black helmet this weekend down at Clares ($160 taxes in on sale) intended as a replacement for my ageing KBC helmet.. Felt really comfortable in the store, good fit, nice options, venting looked good and I like the locking visor (My KBC visor pops open...
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    Places to ride - North east GTA

    Good morning folks, Just got meself a nifty 86 Honda XL350 R, in great shape, looking for some good places to do do some trail riding in North-East GTA (Northern york region, East Gwillimbury, Northern durham, georgina). Bike is green plated and insured. Thanks! Will
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    Shopping in the USA / Declaring items

    Hey.. Was thinking about doing a little bit of cross-border shopping with the dollar being so strong. Never really done this before so I don't know exactly what's involved. If i'm just going across for the day and while i'm over there, pick up a new fishing rod, some sunglasses, and the wife...
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    Insurance Questions Answered: A Claim Adjuster's Perspective

    Just a bit about myself first, so that you can understand where I’m coming from. I work for a major Ontario Insurance Company. I have worked for a number of years both in the Property Damage (Damage to your car) and Accident Benefits (Injuries) claims departments. In my time on this forum, I...

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