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2009 Kawasaki KLX 250S

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As mentioned in the Reasonably Priced thread, looking to sell my motorcycle. Heading to SF and would rather spend the money I'd spend on insurance and maintenance on rentals when traveling and the occasional rental there. I'd prefer to sell in spring but we'll be leaving by mid-February so I'll need to take the winter price hit, though if it doesn't sell by then I'll try and sell it when I'm back in July.

  • 25,000 km
  • Dynojet jet kit + FMF Q4 exhaust + original exhaust stored in FMF box (factory jets are too lean, major improvement)
  • Moose Expedition rear rack
  • Heidenau K60 Scout tires, installed 1 and 2 years ago (replaced the front last year since I thought I had a puncture, turns out it was the wheel itself which I replaced)
  • Full maintenance details tracked from 2014 (when I bought it) to now, including all receipts
  • Just had the major 24K service done last year by Pro6 (including the suspension stuff which cost a small fortune, but the bike is in better condition than when I bought it); if I had known about my future plans to sell it I would not have done maintenance, lol
  • Pro6 mentioned the cylinder compression was a bit low but still in spec
  • Did some forest riding with it so it has a few scratches; the plastic panels are in mediocre shape but not cracked
  • Tires have a couple of years left on them (based on age, tread is excellent on both)
  • Photos are from the summer (of course); I will snap a pic of the bike when I visit my folks (as it's stored there over the winter)
Figured I'd toss it up here on GTAM first. UVIP is ordered and I should have it by the end of next week. My schedule is really tight before I leave so bringing it in for safety inspection might be tricky; we can negotiate this into the final price. But I will be able to ride it out to you if it's not snowing, then cancel my insurance one it's dropped off at your place.


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