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Hi. Saw your posting re the Sena. I've got an HJC IS Max 2 so yours won't work but what are your impressions as I've never seen that before? Not good I assume? Thx.
It was pretty great actually and I do recommend it. It is loud enough on the highway and it's nice to have it built-in. I'm only selling because I upgraded the helmet after a minor accident that damaged it a bit.
Does Milton/Arizona make you a Snowbird, by any chance?
Gimme a shout; I'm in full retirement mode now myself. Cheers......whomever you are! :)
Did you take care of this broken bolt yet? has it been removed? If not I can try and help you with it. Pm Me back.
Hi, yes I got my friend to come take a look at it and was able to tap the bolt out. He cleaned up the thread and I ordered a new bolt to be installed.
Annoyed with trying to figure out how to post pictures, seems some can see some cannot, gone riding.
Id be interested. I have to see if they will fit my sv650 but I think they do.
Sorry buddy

Someone took the filters just now
Tell me more about your FT500. I’m looking for a small, interesting city bike and don’t mind doing some work to fix it up.

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