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Albany County Fasteners
A test! My daughter needs ins. TD, wont renew because another household member has a DUI.

24, G 2016, G2 for '14, G1 '12. Insured '14 occ, '18 as a pri. 0 tickets/accidents/claims. L3P2W2. 2011 Jetta 2.0 Comfort, paid $5500 in 2018, Student (alum UGuelph and UofT), no commute, 8Km/yr.

Was $2200 @ TD, coll & comp ($500 ded), $1m liability.

Ballpark it - if it's good I'll have her call you.


NFP Moto
NFP Moto
though I know the moto side like the back of my hand and can show you a rough idea, autos are way more all over the place especially based on the insured location, meaning the address on her drivers license. There is a rate drop at 25 yrs old on motorcycles and autos so off hand I think that TD rate isnt that bad for age 24 though again it depends where she LIVES.
Are you really selling your ST for "free" ? Your ad says free...lmk
Thanks for the heads up...I’ve edited the ad and put in the price.
Hi, Im trying to reach you with a few questions about your S90 Piranha swap. I posted them on the thread, I think.. Anyway Its about the route for the breather tube and clutch cable route.. Thanks for your post about the swap too. I basically followed your directions.
If you are on messenger am Marcel Kawasaki I post most of the links in motogpboxing group
Don’t get me wrong by me posting peaceful protest, that was a snub to some of the left wing people on here to think it’s okay to riot and loot,

and the news channel of choice is still calling it a peaceful protest
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Green Meenie
Green Meenie
Yeah, I don't really get the support of these protests by lefties as "everyone's right to protest peacefully when there's clearly a large faction who are not protesting peacefully but causing as much mayhem as possible. Don't those on the left normally point the finger at the far right for that sort of behaviour?
it woud be great to have the torrent links!!
do you have an idea if jc gonna stream the races?
Hey Bob,
Saw your review and wish things went down a bit differently. Are you able to provide a phone number so a manager can call and speak with you? Alternatively, you can reach Tom the store manager here at the store on on his cell at 905-424-5918.
Thanks for getting back to me (sorry for delay, I've been away riding). Not sure what there is to talk about now: it happenend; I dealt with it; and I've moved on. PS - I've dealt with Alan Reesor for years and think he's great.
Hey BigEvilDoer, great shots. Could I grab 3 hi-res off you? I'm #36 on the primer grey Kawasaki (green tank).

3 for $20? If you send me your personal email I'll e-transter to you.

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