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Switch Off the Likes/Dislikes Notification Feature?

turn off the likes/dislikes and notifications feature?

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one of the reasons I ditched facebook was the red notification thingy
human nature is to check what is being indicated by the red icon

it's been studied re: social media use, that the icon induces a little dopamine hit
it becomes addictive, and this is by design to keep you coming back and staying longer

initially I liked this new feature when GTAM switched to the new forum software
was a quick way to acknowledge a good contribution without cluttering the thread

lately I've been wondering if it's contributing to the argumentative pattern that's worsening
maybe it's just the covid thing, but I think the likes/dislikes and notification system are part of it

I've been leaning away from using it so much as it's clear members are designing posts to trigger likes
I see some members that have been here much longer than me refrain and hardly use it

when members get bickering, this feature clearly encourages them to keep replying
what do you all think?
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Ironus Butticus
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was a quick way to acknowledge a good contribution without cluttering the thread

Still serves this purpose. Well. That alone is justification for it to stay, and was the overriding impetus for these sorts of systems to be instituted in the first place as it negates the need for people to add a response saying "Amen!" or "Yeah, 100% this!" and other stupid content that just clutters the thread, exactly as you mention.


i agree with this part of the post, by why do think this is happening?

I think the polarization of the US is spilling across the border
we are bombarded with their TV channels, movies, music....everything
and we get to imitating them, both Liberals and Conservatives
and I don't like it one bit, even though I will acknowledge that I do it too

I just went for a spirited rip - beer run, to test out some fiddling
so far it has been successful fiddling

tomorrow's a rain day....bummer, hope we all don't get arguing

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