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Ride42 Trackday Thread


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The first Ride42 trackday was a huge success! Despite the poor weather forecast, we enjoyed 24 degree sunny weather with lots of track time!
Thanks to all that came out; I hope you had a blast! We will have some photos being posted up on the Facebook page in the coming days.

Today is also the last day to pre-register for the next Ride42 trackday happening on May 21. Pre-registering saves you $20 vs the gate price, guarantees your spot and BBQ lunch. As always, all info can be found at https://Ride42.ca. Don't put too much faith in the forecast... It's been completely wrong for the May 9 & 13 trackday.

I also got out on my R1 for the first time this season! I decided to mount Pirelli SC3 tires which are designed for endurance/trackday use. It was my first time on them, and I was very impressed! The wear has been very good with them and the feedback and performance is top notch; as expected from Pirelli. I ran 37F, 25R pressures hot off the warmers. I was lapping within 1 second of my AM National race winning pace on a new to me bike with a missing seat pad. The tires are definitely very capable

See you on the track!


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