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Posting pictures from Photobucket

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Somewhere there is a tutorial for posting decent sized spics but I can't find it. Any link or advice?
Edit: sorry -- iirc wirh photobucket it's just a matter of clicking the "chain link" icon and then pasting it to gtam. Been a while since I've used the browser. Also iirc being a paid member (not sure if you are ) allows bigger file uploads.
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Use a photo sharing site/ app like photobucket or imgur.
If you are on mobile you can use the app or Tapatalk app and it's really easy to post pics like that.
Or dm me your email, then email them to me and I will post them in whatever thread.

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When you upload to PB, click on the pic. When it opens, to the right is a list of links for full image or thumbnails you can copy and past into your post.

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