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So with a bike/scooter commute to an office now a reality, I had to update some of my gear to things that would work in an office/meeting setting, as well as handling a broader weather selection than my previous sporty weekend ride and trackday gear would cover.

One thing I've always struggled with is pants, as overpants always wrinkle whatever is worn under, and they can be awkward to get out of if you go to a meeting elsewhere. I have a selection of riding jeans, and while they feel protective, they're also lined, so heavy and hot. I got excited about Rokker jeans after the sales bumpf from MotoLegends, but the insane price combined with some very reasonable questioning of the claims from John Milbank at Bennetts was enough to put me off. No way I'm building a wardrobe of $600 jeans, Mr. Chap in a Cap.

So considering I was willing to accept less than top-tier protection in exchange for style and comfort, the next logical step was to get a pair of leggings that could work under normal jeans or heavier trousers. A bit of research led me to Bowtex, a Belgian company with a range of products rated AA to AAA. I ended up going with the cheapest option, the Essential at €189, as the mid-tier was too bulky and the top tier Elite was too expensive at €329.

Having now worn them for a variety of rides, I'm really impressed. They fit easily under most jeans (obviously not the really skinny ones, but I'm too old for that sh!t), aren't as hot as I worried they'd be, stay in place (especially the armour, which was rarely in the right spot with my jeans), and feel really well made. Obviously I'd prefer my held leather pants in a crash, but not everywhere else. As a compromise, I'm pretty happy. At this rate, I may also pick up a pair of the pricier Elites, as they're still cheaper than Rokker jeans and are cooler and more protective than the ones I have. (As a side note, I've historically minimised washing of my biking jeans, but apparently that's nonsense and any decent kevlar/aramid/dyneema/whatever garment can be washed regularly with no ill effect.)

Of course, I haven't crashed in them, but hopefully that's not a gear review I ever need to write...

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