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10 years riding Down Under


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@MacDoc you have to watch this episode if you haven't already...it's the latest one...

Although fun to watch. It's frustrating to watch her struggle with the junk tires she had to buy in the previous third world country. A decent set of tires would have been a completely different story. Oh, and better suspension on that Honda pogo bike.


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i'll to it in order. i'm only a couple away - meanwhile a perfect day

tropical breeds do well here - these are Brahmins...Noraly shooed lots away in India but regular milking breeds do fine on the Tablelands as well - it's the only successful tropical dairy region apparently ...so the local propaganda goes
Screen Shot 2022-05-14 at May, 14    2022    10.38.04 AM.jpg

Screen Shot 2022-05-14 at May, 14    2022    10.47.07 AM.jpg
almost worth a swim today but too chilly
all those days of rain topped up the source clearly.
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Damn Noraly sure can ride sand hilarious crazy toboanning down a volcano √...
Caught up with her videos ...
Nother nice day tomorrow.
This guy looks okay too

Charly Sinewan - he's personable but not up to Noraly ..camping eary on, big bike and lots of gear very small tent. Music is okay ...early on his video quality not so good
Screen Shot 2022-05-15 at May, 15    2022    9.48.38 AM.jpg

we'll see. 🍿 Million subscribers and 10 years - switched up to his latest. Better video - bigbike still tho 800 not so bad ....and much more off road oriented especially rubber.
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Really enjoyed his combined video with Noraly
- there is some real affection and laughter between for their simliar life styles and the road less travelled.
If anything he's crazier than her given the weight of his bike and gear.
Going down that railway track was insane.....and the poor French guy that decided to be a fellow traveller briefly
Charlie falls a lot o_O
Loses things, but makes me laugh at times. Watching on the 55" is easier as can read the subtitles easier.

Trying to sort a playlist for Kinga.
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Short ride to the Esplanade
Trying to figure out best way to swim, bird watch ...both types :rolleyes: and take/wear minimal gear.
Screen Shot 2022-05-16 at May, 16    2022    6.39.09 AM.jpg
lots of homo sapien version....not much avian - wrong time of day and was just testing the big lens at short range and goofy dove kept waddling closer inside the shortest range.
Screen Shot 2022-05-16 at May, 16    2022    6.41.48 AM.jpg
Some crustacean activity in the mudflats - long lens useful without getting muddy

and the tourists are back
Screen Shot 2022-05-16 at May, 16    2022    6.46.49 AM.jpg
The Esplanade is a very well conceived and executed city asset
A long board walk and green corridor offers the lagoon, free gas barbeque, loads of tables in and out of shelter and shade,
exercise machines, bike and pedestrian paths ( separated ) terrific kids water play area
It fronts loads of resturants and accommodations that do not infringe on the waterfront park....they are across the street.
It's simply a treat and I don't spend enough time there. a 7 minute ride for me. My pic from a few years back. ( 2013 )
Screen Shot 2022-05-16 at May, 16    2022    6.59.43 AM.jpg
Lorakeets hang out in droves,
Screen Shot 2022-05-16 at May, 16    2022    7.06.07 AM.jpg
and fruit bats - nice to see them take off at dusk for the rain forest. Big critters and even saw a sea eagle stalking one in downtown Cairns for a quick lunch ( have to locate that photo )
Screen Shot 2022-05-16 at May, 16    2022    7.07.36 AM.jpg

Forgot ...free if limited Wifi too...back packers delight.
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Got snagged for housework today. Relocated motorcycle gear out of sight but actually closer to outside so fine. Keep partner happy ( she fully approves of my riding ) and she's only back from mon care for 2 days. Lots of good weather coming.

Getting used to this guy ...certainly goes where I will never but I find it interesting - occasionally dismaying.


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Finally got out and a very nice 211 km out to Palmer RIver by 10.30 via the Rex which as a fun uphill set of twists
Likely home the same way ...not sure
Screen Shot 2022-05-18 at May, 18    2022    11.18.34 AM.jpg
Bike tires are up high 32 F 36 rear after the run and got terrific mileage with the light wind behind me.

Had a soso corned beef sandwich - cuz I cheap. should have sprung for the steak which has a reputation.
Apostle birds still hanging around for free bread.
apostle bird.jpg

Screen Shot 2022-05-18 at May, 18    2022    11.20.32 AM.jpg
They snuggle up all in a row on the branch - hence the name.

almost forgot - one of the few times I wished I had a video cam rolling…came up a twisty hill and surprised two wedge tails on a road kill and one flew along right in front of me at head level for a few meters and looked back at me. Was very cool to see his eye that close and gorgeous feathers. They are very big birds... here is one hauling away a fox kit.( Not my photo )
You gotta feel sorry for the poor confused baby baby fox... a painful once in a lifetime ride in the air followed by ......

Wedge-tailed Eagle taking a young live red fox in Western Australia (Photo with permission: Scott Bell – Lake Varley WA
Got the evil eye from it for disturbing breakfast. I have a shot of a sea eagle harrassing a wedgetail somewhere. Sea eagles aggressive and very dressy all in white and black.
Here is the one stalking lunch on flying foxes in downtown Cairns
Screen Shot 2022-05-18 at May, 18    2022    11.40.40 AM.jpg
440 km ...longest ride in a while, a near miss on running out of fuel. The little station I finally found had no EPTOS and I only had $14 cash which was fine. The headwind made a difference - thought I was making it nearer to home.
Good ride and not too trashed.
Couple extra photos from the Gx7 -
Teased out a good photo in a cluttered field of view. I will figure out its name soon.
Screen Shot 2022-05-18 at May, 18    2022    4.35.14 PM.jpg
a lovely shag bark gum. One of my fav Aus trees...I just love the variety and colour of the gums.
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Delayed reaction to that ride ...woke up stiff today. It's raining anyway and panadol has resolved the aches.
Charlie made me laugh...I'd guess not a few would identify

2 min of pure kamakazi.
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Following on from the Palmer River run

The gold fields north of Cairns are littered with decaying machines from the gold era
Screen Shot 2022-05-22 at May, 22    2022    8.54.49 AM.jpg
and there are failed towns too.
That said there are still prospectors in the area, one place we stopped in had scored big 2 decades ago with a huge nugget that paid for a fair bit of his property. A very open tin house next to permanent water in a lovely billabong.
Can't get there any more as CB300F not suitable.
Screen Shot 2022-05-22 at May, 22    2022    9.10.27 AM.jpg

Miss seeing wildlife this heavily muscled roo peering out of the foliage..
Screen Shot 2022-05-22 at May, 22    2022    9.09.52 AM.jpg .felt mildly threatened as they are able to defend themselves rather spectacularly including inflicting fatal injuries.

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Looks like Charly had a nightmare with the same volcanic road Noraly did. Pacaya volcano.
He turned around tho.

so far just as many falls and much heavy to pick up. he lost his licence and someone found it who knew him from youtube and contacted him ( no wallet ) :rolleyes:

Noraly made it ...Charly didn't

he made on second try with less luggage

Nice ride to Skybury today for early lunch. Many more tourists on the go.
Temps are superb - mid 20s mix of sun and cloud. Longer ride tomorrow I think
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