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    Spring is in the.....

    I drove (cage) to Bridgenorth and had breakfast with 11 motorcycle buddies this morning. All were in a good mood and looking forward to this years first ride.
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    Where to mount a Action cam?

    My first AC and wondering if anyone had success on where to mount it. Riding an SS bike.
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    Jump start/booster

    I was contemplating picking up a jump/boost battery pack until I read it's for lead acid batteries only. My bike has a lithium battery so I was wondering if there is anything safe to use for lithium?
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    Two cycle bike insurance

    Hey guys, I'm going to look at an 1983 RZ350 tomorrow (always wanted a 2 cycle for zooming about). I was just wondering if 2 cycle bikes are frowned upon by the insurance co's. If I remember right, a few decades back 2 cycle bikes (and turbo's) typically got raped by insurance co's.
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    Air filter replacement

    Hello I just replaced the air filter on 2015 kaw zx10r. Reassembled the bike but then remembered a mysterious rubber tube inside the clean side of the air box (tube 92192A). I think this is a crank vent? Anyway I'm not sure if this connects to the air box cover or not? Could this tube just be...
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    507 construction

    We were riding 507 today and noted a new layer of (good quality) blacktop north bound for several km. Some areas are patched up and perhaps getting ready for more new pavement. The law was in somewhat of a foul mood, as per some riders at Gooderham rest stop. The locals seemed to be...
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    Peterborough bike night reminder

    Peterborough bike night reminder. Peterborough Cycle Salvage 6:00 - 8:30 Thursday nights starting May 18th. I hope it don't rain Happy Apexes!
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    Anyone tried PipeWerx exhaust?

    Just started looking into it. Wondering if anyone tried out their products? The few available reviews seem well enough. Happy Apexes :)
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    Home make heated apparel.

    Someone I know who wrecked their vehicle, gave me their salvaged, crappy-tire heated seat cushion... So I was thinking of removing the heating coils and installing them in one of my old, unused light weight (spring/fall) jackets. I know I have some math to do because the truck battery obviously...
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    Drying out a sweaty Suit

    I picked up two $7 USB fans at Wallyworld. They fit inside the bottom of the pant openings on my Dainese leather suit. I intend to run them from a simple cell phone usb wall charger(from the buck store). They seem to move enough air to potentially dry out a sweaty suit. Any thoughts? Happy...
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    Ready to ride---------->

    Bike is prepared and ready to ride now for months. Cleaned, waxed, oil/filter change, chain cleaned and lubed, GPS updated today and leathers oiled/lubed/waterproofed. I have just about completed my global warming machine to get rid of the snow. Once the rain making machine is complete for...
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    Useless oil filter wrench

    Upon oil filter removal attempt, the cheap crappy tire strap type oil filter wrench just slips. When I installed the filter I followed the manufacturers torque requirements (3/4 turn from finger tight) but the cheesy wrench just isn't up to the task for removal. I just ordered a small oil...
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    Another hwy 507 adventure

    My usual weekend ride includes hwy xxx since I live fairly close, it takes me north and it's a ***** load of fun. My destination was Fort Irwin (great technical ride). I always stop (whether I need fuel or not) at xxx gas station, have a smoke and pop with the owner and we swap hwyxxx stories...
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    Hwy resurfacing.

    Hwy 507 undergoing chip and tar resurfacing at northern end. Hwy 503 has new (nice quality) pavement east of Gooderham! I noticed some construction on Hwy 518 as well. Hwy 632 new pavement but it's rough (new pavement over old?) It's getting challenging to ride without encountering resurfacing...
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    Taking apart Oil filters

    I was curious about what goes on inside. Kawasaki oem on left, And Amsoil in the middle I set the Flo filter to the right (no I don't use it because I don't trust it) Sent from my SGH-I747M using Tapatalk

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