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    Big congrats to Randy Hope

    Randy Hope, out of London, is at the Man Cup at SGMP running in Crazy 8s. Currently, he's the number 3 qualifier against some of the best in the world, running the number and cutting some good lights too. Locally, Randy is well known for creating and promoting the 8.99 no bar series at St...
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    Every bike you've ever owned...

    Gotta ask, what's the deal with people listing every bike they've ever own in their sig?
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    Opening day at TMP

    Looks like a rainout. Who's ready for next week?
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    Z1 Cycletech

    Zaid built my 1397 Busa motor with used parts that I supplied and made more hp than the big U.S. race shops do! Awesome job!
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    2000 Busa PC3 USB, bnib

    As stated, never used, bought wrong one. $200 Call JP at 416-456-1728
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    Airtech 8 over Busa tail

    Brand new for gen 1, who wants it?
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    1363 busa block w/JE pistons

    Asking $600
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    954 parts

    Full bike to part out. Race bodywork, racetech forks, spare motor(7800km), rear rim, street lowers, hindle exhaust, extra hindle mid pipe and carbon can, 6" bolt on extensions, lowering links, just ask. Would be happy to make package deal.
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    Gen 1 Busa forks

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    Gen 2 Busa subframe

    Sold with tray, mint condition. $200 SOLD

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