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    For sale: Bazzaz Zfi and Zafm units for 2006-2011 ZX14's

    For sale is a quality Bazzaz Zfi fuel controller and the Zafm self mapping unit for all ZX14's from 2006 - 2011. Both are in excellent condtion and work like intended. Come in original box with data cable,instructions and cd. Asking 350.00..I have attached a couple links below to the bazzaz...

    New Bike Class being run for beginners at all DSE Sortsman series events

    Just want to bring to the attention of any riders out there who have always wanted to take there bike down the drag strip at the same time experience a little friendly competition. This is a new class that has been put together by the management of DSE Sportsman Series and the class sponsor. I...

    Canadian Tire Bike night.....Tonight June 19 from 6-9....Sunrise Center Kitchener Looks like a good time....Lets check it out!!

    Bike day at TMP this Saturday....Chance to have some fun on the strip

    WTB....Vintage 1983 Honda CBX550 Wolf exhaust....

    I am looking for a vintage, great condition wolf header for my 1983 Honda CBX 550....If you know of anyone who might have one please forward my cell number 226-218-1856...Thanks Glenn

    Attnention: Ever been down a dragstrip??

    I'm looking to see how many members on the GTA have always wanted to run there bike down a drag strip but never have. I'm looking for feedback on what it will take to get everyone out from the new riders to the experienced. Feel free to send personal messages or become active on this thread...

    Dyno's..... A tuning tool or a misleading print out???

    Couldn't help but notice how many times hp numbers have come up in this drag racing forum...Some of us find a dyno as nothing more than a tuning tool used to find the perfect A/F ratio...I myself found the dyno alittle humbling this past weekend if I was to strictly look at the peak rwhp and...

    Second series for bike and sled guys!!!

    Just wanted everyone too know that there is a second series being run with a bike and sled class in it. The DSE Sportsman Racing series had three non point events last year and has a full points schedule for 2012. None of the dates conflict with the OSCA dates so for the guys looking for some...

    2006 zx14 Bronze wheels

    For sale are a pair of MINT condition 2006 zx14 Bronze wheels including rotors,cush drive,oem sprocket and both mounted with Shinko rubber(front new).....$500.00 Firm Call Glenn 1 226 218 1856

    Test n Tune Sept. 5 11-4 the track fTMP

    Theres a group of us heading to the track to finish off the long weekend...There calling for cooler weather and with all the action this weekend the traction should be there! Sounds like a good recipe for some pb's!!! Hope to see some bikes come out!!!!:blob3:

    2005/06 zx636 engine

    Looking for a low kilometer 05/06 zx636 engine.......send a pm...Thanks glenn

    Civic holiday Monday...Test and tune....Anyone coming down??

    Heading down early Monday and try and get a few passes in on the 14 before it gets HOT as hell again...Hopefully it'll be more eventful than the last trip was a couple weeks

    WTB: Set of black 06/07 ZX10 wheels

    Looking to buy a set of "mint" black 06/07 ZX10 wheels, complete with sprocket carrier(cush drive) and rear brake hanger(don't need front rotors or back rotor). Also needed will be a back caliper from a 06/08 zx10 OR 07/08 ZX6R rear caliper...Being used on a zx14 conversion...Thanks Text or...

    WTB....Front and rear rims from 06/07 ZX10

    Looking for a set rims off a 06/07 ZX10...Need rear cush drive,caliper and hanger to be included(if available)..Preferably in black and great condition...

    HEAD WIND.....Oct.9 TMP

    Could not have asked for the weather to have been any better than it was for this past Saturday....BUT for one small problem,the head wind was so DAM strong it was very hard for anyone to reach any goals they set out..the flags told the story...I was off by a good 2\10 0f a second all day...Oh...

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