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    This time in Waterloo: Woman airlifted, man flees after two-vehicle collision July8th
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    Rider down King St and Columbia Waterloo

    Rider down King St and University Waterloo GWS rider. Street closed off partially
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    Rider down Weber st Waterloo

    Not good. GWS rider
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    How do you know if a pre-2011 law change bike is actually blue plated?

    This might be a really dumb question, but I am looking at buying another bike that doesn't come street legal, but was converted pre 2011 when this was possible. Is the fact that it has a ontario issued ownership sheet mean its blue plated? What do you actually look for on the title to know? Or...
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    Honda CRF450L Unveiled: The Dual Sport Everyone’s Been Wanting? A new street legal 450 option, wonder if it's coming to Canada too. Throw some sumo wheels on it and its a good 6 speed supermoto
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    What is trail riding like in BC?

    Anyone have experience with dirt bike trail riding in BC? From what I've seen on youtube there are some really great trails... Do they have a lot of available trails that allow dirt bikes?
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    Can I get a title for an old bike with just a bill of sale?

    How does this all work when a seller of an old forgotten bike doesn't have a title? Anyone have experience with this? A ton of old bikes on kijiji are always no ownership, what do the buyers of these bikes do about this? Just looking to get as much info on this situation as possible.
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    Couple of questions about CVMG in Paris on June 16-18

    Looked around in different areas for a thread on this event but anyway... I have not attended before so I have a few questions. I saw on the schedule that the exhibit is Saturday, is this the best day for someone to go who it just interested in looking at the bikes and walking around? What...
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    Motocross tracks nearest to KW with events to go and watch

    I love motocross and that stuff, what tracks are close to KW that hold races you can go and watch on weekends? Free would be good. Doesn't have to be pro level of course, but that would be cool.
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    Who has an accurate bike dyno in KW or surrounding area?

    Looking to get my heavily modded drz470 on the dyno in the spring. What shop has a good one that is known to be accurate?
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    Lost my only key to my Suzuki motorcycle, what the heck do I do?

    So I lost my only key to my bike unfortunately. What can I do? I have the title and all that stuff if that is required. Can I get a key made somehow or will I need to change the ignition? Can a Suzuki dealer make a key?
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    Can anyone recommend a good motorcycle mechanic in KW/Cambridge type area

    Looking to get a new cam chain installed in my DRZ400SM. Any good mechanics in the area that can do this for me? Bonus if they are familiar with my bike.
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    Where to get motorcycle oil in Kitchener/Waterloo?

    Looking for a place I may not know about to get decent priced 10W-40 oil that is safe for wet clutches. (obviously) Canadian Tire doesn't really have a good selection, nor does Part Source. A place that carries Amsoil, Motul etc would be good. *Also looking for a place to get o-rings and...
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    Calling a bunch of insurance companies to look for coverage on a DRZ400SM

    Who should I look into? I know there are quite a few brokers I could try and contact to look for a good quote. 23 years old, M2, DRZ400SM, I do have a car I could bring over as well. Who have people gotten decent prices with who are under 30 on a non sport bike?
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    Thoughts on this bike? Seems alright?

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