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    I installed the creepy surveillance app/device to get an insurance discount

    really? i had adjusto for a year in my car and got 21% discount. most of my driving is in west end of toronto (bloor/dundas area out to mississauga sometimes) i didnt realize they did this for motorcycles too. i wonder if i can run it on my bike as well to get a discount on both vehicles? i'll...
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    Mesh Gear That Will Hold Up to a Slide?

    style-wise, i like some of revit's textile stuff but i really wish they would make more colour options. a lot of the times its just black or a very dark color. i have too much black **** already!
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    Why I'd never buy a Ducati

    unfortunately i dont have it anymore. i'll get back to trying to adjust it eventually.
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    Why I'd never buy a Ducati

    about 12000km. wet clutch. i seem to able to find it better in cold weather. in the summer, its tougher. its not impossible to find it, but certainly not as smooth as when i had a suzuki. on ducati forums some people mentioned it as a ducati characteristic. some people also seem to think it...
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    Why I'd never buy a Ducati

    had a recall on my ducati scrambler last year. took it to maranello. was in and out in a few hours. love the bike but if i ever get rid of it, it'd probably be due to always being a pain in the ass finding neutral on a ducati.
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    Don't check your phone while stopped at a red light!

    no. EVERYONE thinks they are better than what they can actually do until something ****** happens. literally everyone blames *everyone else* for being bad drivers when they're generally no better themselves or refuse to ever admit it.
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    Tory takes aim at noisy motorcycles

    i just took out the db limiter on my pipe too. OOPS
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    What ruined star trek?

    i grew up watching TNG and is by far my favourite star trek series. DS9 was good and i actually like voyager too, despite it probably being the least appreciated universe. i remember watching first contact in theatres and that was incredible. seeing the borg at a cinematic level was...
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    Rexdale RIP 29 year old down :(. RIP Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    Safety first! Helmets should be compulsory for everyone. Accidents do not happen on the basis of religion.

    meh. if youre not wearing a full face, you might as well not be wearing anything really.
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    Freedom Machine Rally

    went last year and had a blast. didnt stay cause i'm not a camper type.
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    What type of fuel do you use?

    shell v-power for my italian bike. my past japanese bikes all just needed cheap gas. miss those days!
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    Where to buy Simpson helmets?

    just curious how long have those transition visors lasted? i hear theyre only good for a few seasons until they stop working?
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    Opinions on Bell Moto 3 helmet

    they look cool. but too narrow for my big head! couldnt even get an xxl on.
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    Where to buy Simpson helmets?

    town moto stocks them. i dont see any on their site right now though. pfaff harley also supposedly stocks simpson helmets but i've never actually been there.

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