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    Kawi Wednesdays!!!

    Lol Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Alpinestars textile/mesh jacket size M

    Alpinestars textile/mesh jacket size M $50 Shoulder elbow back armour with a removable liner for summer riding. just a size to small for me, size M $50.00 take it away
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    Ticketing Front street. Parking

    Anybody parked on north side of front st. west of lamp post getting tickets right now. About 10 bikes If you run down you might beat the ticket man before he gets you. Sent from Broken berry
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    Cadwell Park, The Mountain
  5. highway


    Hey I was thinking something like this. PM me...
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    saturday afternoon ride to kapskomoto bbq then to whitby 1pm to 4pm

    if its not raining and anybody wants to check out the meet at kapskomoto there doing a bbq and then head over to whitby to gb bikes and the royal tent sale lets set it up meet at kennedy commons around 1?
  7. highway

    gta to whitby royal distributing tommarow noon

    anyone want to ride out to royal distributing tomarrow in whiby, leaving around noon, back to gta for 3
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    KAWI MEET -meet great discuss mods done or to be done on your bike, coffee, ride.

    8:00 PM SEP 12 2012 Leslie and York Mills
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    Wtb large kawasaki embroidered patch

    i am looking for a KAWASAKI EMBROIDERED PATCH 2" x 11" that can be ironed onto back of jacket.
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    Kawi meet

    interested in meeting other kawi riders to learn more about mods some have done and or are planning on doing, 8:00 PM SEP 12 2012 Leslie and York Mills
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    Newbie Ninja 650R

    Hi all, after 15 years of wanting a street bike I finally pulled the trigger and bot myself a 2006 650R I have lots of experience in the dirt but very new to the streets! Any riders in the GTA area looking to ride with a newbie and show him the safeway would be awesome! ciao P.S what's...

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