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    2005 kawasaki zx10r , $2,600 obo

    Bike is in excellent condition -adam triple clamp with Dirt bars,also have CLIP ONS -Comes with spare frame , wheels,forks, body and more Fast , reliable bike - motivated seller - no trades, cash only - located in Caledon just north of Brampton I don't know how to post pics or link kijiji but...
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    Freedom Machine Rally

    They had a fairly decent display at the moto show in january and were selling tickets their.This is the 5th event. Search"Freedom machine show" on face book or "Frontier ghost town and you'll find it. The place is set up like an old western town,best motorcycle show venue by far that I've been to.
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    VRRA at Calabogie

    Went to my first vrra event at mosport(as a spectator) almost two years ago.I hope I can make it back this year. As already stated,the vrra put on a great show ,"the noise,the smell"and mosport is one hell of a venue
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    Dealing with back pain & riding.

    On sportbikes it was my knees.On my current bike (has a sorta cruiser position) my back seems to bother me more but I've gained quite a bit of weight too(belly) so that doesnt help either. I have a bauerfiend back brace which helps A LOT.It is German made , I bought it at a medical supply store...
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    Warm weather headgear

    You know, I'm really glad I found this thread.A lightweight balaclava may work well for me since I have vitiligo(loss of pigment in the skin) patches on my face and neck which just burn in the sun .Sunscreen helps but maybe a lightweight balaclava is the way to go.Im gonna try it. Also being...
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    Warm weather headgear

    ALL I've ever worn up until this season were full face Arai's and shoei's.I agree they are excellent quality and do just about everything a helmet should do very well,however I bought a Simpson m50 and I'm hooked on the huge eye port.My head doesnt feel "buried" in it.It really improved the...
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    Butt hurts when sitting on bike after certain period

    [QUOTE="when the going gets tough the tough get going! [/QUOTE ^^^^^^MISSISSAUGA BRAVES ?.... As for the seat ,I've owned three corbins and out of those the only one that I liked was on my 03 z1000. As others have already said ergonomics play a huge roll here. I'm gonna try the sleeping foam...
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    Dealership Won't Give Motorcycle Even After Paying In Full

    Pegasus has always been one of my favourites on this board.Always good for a laugh. I think the majority on this board take things way too seriously , just my opinion. Rock on WicHa funky self Mr.Pegassus
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    vrra 50th anniversary weekend aug 11-13

    Just want to send a huge shootout(thankyou) to all volunteers ,riders,ctmp ,everyone involved in this event and today is the last day of the event so make it up to ctmp if you can. These guys put on one hell of a show yesterday(saturday the 12th) and at 10 bucks for the day you cant go wrong...
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    Bike and tattoo show-Laval Quebec April 21,22,23

    Thought I would pass this info along Pink Floyd tribute, Iron Maiden tribute just to name a couple Check out the site for more details
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    Check tire pressures please, friendly reminder

    Sold a bike to a friend a little over a month ago.I checked the pressures before delivery, both at 30+ psi. He came by for a ride this past friday and Just before he was leaving he mentioned the front suspension felt "weird".Checked rear-34 psi, checked front-8 psi ! Fired up compressor and that...
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    trafalgar just north of Steeles heads up

    The speed limit on this stretch of road is now down to 60 km.It was 80 a couple years back then recently went to 70 and now 60.Unreasonable imho opinion but it is what it is.You can bet "the man" will be posting up their regularly in the near future,just a friendly reminder to those that head up...
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    Clearview station bed and breakfast,near Creemore,anyone stayed their,route suggestio

    I was researching the creemore area as I have seen others post about the area on here in the past.I came across a place called the Clearview station bed and breakfast.It has an old caboose on the property which has been refurbed and looks like an interesting place to spend a night or two.anyone...
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    nexo one piece suit-for sale(only used a handful otf times)excellent condition

    no longer for sale,thanks
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    for sale 03-04 zx6r solo cowl,

    [/URL][/IMG] 50.00 pick up near mavis and 401,mississauga,(unpainted light scratches[/URL][/IMG][IMG]

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