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    Poor Service GP Bikes

    Anyone affiliated with the afformentioned shop/service center reading this thread should take note. Every customer interaction is an opportunity to succeed or fail. You can either forge a personalized connection with a customer increasing the likelihood they will return at some point in the...
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    whats the purpose of some ppl using license plate hiders/flippers?

    I'd say it's not so much 407/evasion but more about aesthetics for some riders prefer the look of a clean tail section with an integrated taillight and license plate holder that doesn't protrude at a right or obtuse angle, but rather follows the lines of the bike's undertail. In Canada and the...
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    Hit and run on my parked bike

    Really sorry to hear about this situation and I feel your pain. The culprit leaving the scene without leaving any sort of note or contact information shows an egregious lack of empathy. "#3. F this truck driver. .." I felt exactly the same years ago when a delivery truck hit and damaged my...
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    Tire change

    I'm really intrigued, you mention the tires are Pirelli Rosso Corsa's and they've been on the bike since 2013. Is that right? That means you're riding around on tires that are 7 or 8-years old. But here's the thing, they could be even older than that! Take a look on the sidewall for a 4-digit...
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    2020 MotoGP Discussion (NO LINKS)

    Yeah, that's what I thought. Edited my earlier post. All good. (y)
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    CEO of Motorcycle Ride Sharing Nigerian App 'Gokada'- found Dismembered in NYC Apartment

    Regarding the Riders Share story, this little (but significant) detail is intriguing: "The company leverages machine learning to screen and vet riders before allowing them to rent on the platform." and "By using machine learning to underwrite each customer, Riders Share is able to mitigate the...
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    2020 MotoGP Discussion (NO LINKS)

    yikes..just realized my post... -this is a no-spoiler thread -yes?
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    Selling a Bike these days

    Exactly. A potential buyer that only wants to communicate via texts and makes an offer sight unseen? Not serious at all. A buyer should always call the owner and ask when (day/time) it would be convenient to view the bike. Be flexible.
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    Got'em, thank you!

    Got'em, thank you!
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    Cool thanks. Just e-transfered you $20 Thanks again.

    Cool thanks. Just e-transfered you $20 Thanks again.
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    Hey BigEvilDoer, great shots. Could I grab 3 hi-res off you? I'm #36 on the primer grey Kawasaki...

    Hey BigEvilDoer, great shots. Could I grab 3 hi-res off you? I'm #36 on the primer grey Kawasaki (green tank). DSC_0844 DSC_0901 DSC_0913 3 for $20? If you send me your personal email I'll e-transter to you. Thanks.
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    Tuesday, July 14, GBM 2 Wheel Tuesday Photos

    Awesome! #16 on the baby blue bike, Márquez helmet, just nailing perfect body position!
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    Aviva/RBC won't renew my policy even though my record is clean - anyone ever experienced this?

    Have you tried TD? Riders Plus are a good option too but I believe they won't insure any sport or supersport at or above 600cc. Like others have said, change up your ride to something a little more insurance friendly. I'd try a Yamaha R3, Ninja 300 or 400. Good luck. Sent from my SGH-M919V...
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    Superbike races at Mosport

    CSBK says the revised 2020 season will run without spectators permitted at any venues to ensure the safety of the competitors and staff. Round 1 - July 25 Calabogie Motorsports Park with only select National classes joining the one-day invitational. The opener will run in conjunction with a...
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    507 not like heaven.....

    I rode the 507 last month with a friend and we had similar impressions. What happened? I was thinking. This road has lost its lustre. I remember it being much better a few years ago. The road surface conditions were generally mediocre to poor most of the way up to Gooderham with just a few...

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