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    My Insurance Dropped From $1,047 to $876 (A Year)

    Is it true, so I've heard, Wawanesa will only insure riders who've been M licenced 5+ years? Sent from my SGH-M919V using mobile app
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    Ugliest bike thread

    yeah, the cylons circa 1978 Sent from my SGH-M919V using mobile app
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    New Riders Needs Advice on M1 Exit Road Test

    Haha..looks like 'YammieR616' joined GTA Motorcycle June 5, 2019. Trolling for kicks? Story seems ridiculous. Sent from my SGH-M919V using mobile app
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    Back in the saddle after ~10 years - mature enough for a 600 this time around?

    If you're overwhelmed by all the bike choices why not hit a demo day or two. As a mature rider you can call any dealer and book a test ride, though there might be some restrictions on models you can test if you just have your M2. Try as many bikes as you can. See what feels right. Sent from my...
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    Lane splitting at a red light?

    We're not very innovative here in Ontario. Filtering [and lane splitting] should absolutely be legal for motorcyclists here in Ontario. If performed correctly and conscientiously: 1) improved traffic flow and 2) increased rider safety --you're statistically less likely to get rear-ended. The...
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    HOV Lane....fingers crossed everyone

    Along parts of the QEW, say, between Oakville and Burlington, I find the HOV lane tends to actually be slower-going than the non-HOV lanes. With the growing volume of traffic in the GTA coupled with single-occupant abuse and 'left-lane-hogs' obliviousness, it can be more efficient navigating the...
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    Guess this is the end

    Not the end. Shop shop shop around. Stay positive. I wouldn't be in such a rush to get a 650. I'd ride the 250 for another season or go up marginally to a Ninja 300, or the newer 400, or you could give the RC390 a go --all will be cheaper to insure over anything 600cc +. And shop around. Sent...
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    Who’s Still a Reasonable Option for SS

    That's an interesting revelation. a lot of the local news reports covering motorcycle incidents last season would perhaps support that theory. A good friend of mine, a seasoned rider in his early 40's with single speeding ticket (car) on his record, is transitioning from a HD cruiser to a 1290...
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    Germany’s Fight Over Speed-Limits On The Autobahn

    A fierce debate over implementing an 80mph speed-limit on the nation’s world-famous autobahn rages in Germany with auto-industry lobbyists and car enthusiasts in one corner and safety & environmental advocates in the other. Full article...
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    Hang in there, winter's almost done. Itching to ride. Sent from my SGH-M919V using mobile app
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    Bike in Venom trailer

    Anyone know this bike appearing briefly in the new Venom movie trailer? Sent from my SGH-M919V using mobile app
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    Vehicles come up beside you on highway?

    Has this happened to anyone? Yesterday, incredibly, two head-scratching moments in the same day. First instance: I was riding in the center lane hwy 427 going southbound, going with the flow of traffic, minding my own business and a car comes speeding up really fast behind me getting just...
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    TMP track day July 1, 2018 lunch break

    This little guy was ripping up and down the pit area all morning. When we stopped for lunch he was out doing a few laps with his dad. So awesome! Put a huge smile on everyone's face. Sent from my SGH-M919V using mobile app
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    Sport Bike Riders Oddly Missing

    This past Saturday I joined one of my Harley riding buddies at the 'Ride For Dad' ( in Oakville. The event raises funds to support prostate cancer research -- a great cause -- now in its 12th year. It was a great day with over 175kms of riding and meeting lots of other...

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