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    Price check on 2018 Yamaha MT-07

    Before you buy I'd suggest taking a look at this video from Dave Moss regarding an apparent fatal suspension flaw on the MT-07 (and FZ-07), and how to fix it: Sent from my SGH-M919V using mobile app
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    Vastly different rates for similar bikes???

    Vastly different rates — haha yes, get used to it. This is the baffling state of insurance here in Ontario. Shop around long enough and you'll find, as I do each and every year, significant differences from one insurer to the next. Under 600cc sport/naked, you could try RidersPlus or...
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    New H-D print ad

    This AD is fake and strange. Headline: "..did you spend your youth dreaming about someday owning a Polaris?" [image of what looks like the top of the latest Shop Vac] Polaris is the parent company of Indian, yes —does that somehow diminish the appeal of say, owning a Scout or the new FTR1200? AD...
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    Auto show 2020, and today' sorry state of automotive.

    Modern cars — they all look like electric shavers. Sent from my SGH-M919V using mobile app
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    Any risk in providing the VIN to a potential buyer?

    This is an interesting question. While the scenarios relating to fraud and identity theft are entirely plausible, it sounds like the potential buyer is just trying to determine if the motorcycle is legitimate and that you (the seller) are being transparent. But asking for the VIN# prior to...
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    Cost breakdown for track day ?

    I would suggest buying a trailer and a tent if you plan on doing track days on a regular basis. If you have space to store a trailer, great! it definitely pays for itself in eliminating the u-haul rental fees. about $140-180 track access (some track day providers allow you to pre-register in...
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    NEW 2020 Honda CBR1000RR-R Fireblade and Fireblade SP Announced

    Dude, what are you talking about? "the scene"? hahaha. Fast bikes never go out of style.
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    23 M1 S1000RR $12000/yr

    "724428924" prove you're human and not a computer bot programmatically designed to generate traffic on this forum. This has got to be a couldn't script a more absurd story. Sent from my SGH-M919V using mobile app
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    Recent movies you saw - recommend or no

    "The good guys always win in the 80's" Jet powered flying motorcycle - MegaForce ... -
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    What to do with my CBR600RR

    OP regurgitates the classic "don't have time for it anymore" and "[life] getting busier" --- that's fine, we've all heard this before. But what sort of advice are you expecting to hear on a motorcycle forum? "...depressed now. I don't think I'll be riding anytime soon." --Really? OK, well...
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    My Insurance Dropped From $1,047 to $876 (A Year)

    Is it true, so I've heard, Wawanesa will only insure riders who've been M licenced 5+ years? Sent from my SGH-M919V using mobile app
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    Ugliest bike thread

    yeah, the cylons circa 1978 Sent from my SGH-M919V using mobile app
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    New Riders Needs Advice on M1 Exit Road Test

    Haha..looks like 'YammieR616' joined GTA Motorcycle June 5, 2019. Trolling for kicks? Story seems ridiculous. Sent from my SGH-M919V using mobile app
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    Back in the saddle after ~10 years - mature enough for a 600 this time around?

    If you're overwhelmed by all the bike choices why not hit a demo day or two. As a mature rider you can call any dealer and book a test ride, though there might be some restrictions on models you can test if you just have your M2. Try as many bikes as you can. See what feels right. Sent from my...

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