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    Classic Superbikes for Grand Bend Mopar CSBK National

    Soooo, what do you have? Send me the details please. I get asked for vintage bikes all the time and maybe we have a fit. PM is fine too. Thanks
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    Lap timer etc.

    Good plan! I really like going back to see old pictures or video and laugh at myself, progress is good especially when you can see it. I come from bycicle racing where a coach tells me exactly what to do and what power I need to put down, we then review every inch of the ride or race to see how...
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    Classic Superbikes for Grand Bend Mopar CSBK National

    The interest level is really good and we are seeing more interest in the vintage bikes specifically this era of 900-1100cc bikes. Next year is the 40th anniversary and lots of things are happening in the back ground. Something to consider is the group like me who want to race them, we watched...
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    Lap timer etc.

    As a racer I use a lap timer to pace myself and its more about being consistent. Mine also uses lights, to show if I am ahead, behind or on my lap time, I don’t look at the numbers. For a new rider that likes data and wants to track it I think its a good idea BUT use it to record your rides...
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    Pictures from csbk ctmp round 5/6

    Thanks for the great pictures Richard! A bit late to forum but perfect timing, getting excited to ride!!
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    Classic Superbikes for Grand Bend Mopar CSBK National

    This is a new group called CBSR and there is 4 races, two at Grand Bend and two at the CSBK finals at Mosport. Both weekends there is a full race Saturday and Sunday with point, trophies, prizes and give aways. The grids should be plus 10 for sure, I am racing and know of at least 4 others so...
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    Looking for 2007-8 ZX6R fuel tank

    Tank is for a race bike, not worried about small dents or scratches, gas cap not needed. Colour is not a problem either. located in Markham.
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    2017 winter/spring track trip

    This winter I will be heading south to get some riding in around the SC to Florida area in March or a bit sooner. Invite is open to all! This trip for me is to get a good week of riding in and get used to my new bikes, if schools are available I will attend as well. If a school is affiliated...
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    Markham Stouffville

    Hello long term rider with many many bikes under my belt. Raced MX and did the FAST school before there were cell phones. Presently interested in the track, street is ok but truly need 4 wheels to carry my stuff for work.. Looking to meet up with some like minded speed junkies and get the...

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