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    HELP! No G/G2/G1 license, ONLY M1, 26y/o, clean record!

    As the title says guys, Here's an issue; SF won't insure a bike unless you have your full G license. TD will insure, but their rates are rediculous($9k+ for an 09 R6, is that normal?). I'm looking for help from you guys with insurance experience. If you can direct me to companies that are...
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    26 Years Old, M1, Clean/No Record, R6 - What are my options for Insurance?

    Hello all, Title says it all, I'm a licensed M1 holder, 26 years of age, 2009 Yamaha R6 No driving record at all, Absolutely clean.. Now I know having an M1 makes it tough to insure, but I'd like someone to lead me into the right direction. I've called TD, and got a quote with the sum of...
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    2002 Yamaha YZF-R6(Blue) for sale..Ready to ride!
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    Anyone down to ride right now, east york / Scarborough area?

    What's up fellas / ladies. Anyone down to ride anywhere right now? Looking for someone to tag a long with and make it more enjoyable. Call me at 416-8871580 or leave a text. Hopefully trying to ride by 12-1 till 5 or starts to rain.
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    Any rides going on in Toronto-area? Today perhaps?!?!

    First season of riding and would love to tag along for experience. If there is anything going on in the Toronto and surrounding neighborhoods, let me know!

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